5 Signs you should head out to the Midlands & Cherokee Cafe

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Signs you should be out in the Midlands countryside


This time of year it is remarkable the pull the countryside has for me. I am starting to feel a little stretched, like too little butter across a slice of toast, and am looking for a bit of relief.  Now, its not like this for everyone, but I find being out in the country provides that very relief in the form of wide open spaces, rolling hills and fields and a good dose of country quiet.

What are some of the signs you should head out on the Midlands in KZN? Here they are in no particular order of importance…


1  Irritability (with most everything and a good percentage of everyone)

2  You get a glazed look in your eye when people mention the countryside

3  The idea of getting in your car and driving out of town is super appealing

4  You have a great desire for a quality cuppaccino

5  You feel like driving in the Midlands (really any excuse will fit here – why do you even need an excuse)

Why Cherokee Cafe could be good for your health


I had the opportunity to see Cherokee Cafe when a friend told me of it a few months ago. But with little time on hand, I put it in my ‘to visit’ file in the back of my mind. Imagine my delight when a gorgeous Saturday afternoon presented itself with time to spare. Yay me! So off I drive with a couple of stops on the way (its the Midlands – its going to happen), including an impromtu roadside picnic like we used to do with my parents when we were kids. The clouds are scattered across the sky and the sun is backlighting flowers and dandelions and the rolling fields are like a balm to my soul. Of course the food was fantastic too (thanks friend)!

Taking the Dargle turnoff, its a short drive to the left hand turn that will take you to Cherokee Cafe. If you are part of the horse community and take part in events, this will be a familiar stop for you with the reborn enamel baths now revitalised as couches around a firepit, all in view of the action on the field.


Meanderings : Cherokee Cafe


I spent a bit of time in the USA and stopping here feels like a dose of American country, like stopping by a ranch for a visit. Country music is playing and the polished wooden pieces that can double up as furniture are scattered around the porch area. Americana is featured all over the porch and shop, with flags, boots and american emblem coffee cups hanging above the coffee machine. You can buy a number of really cute goodies here to remind you of your visit and bring the country out in you (did you hear that drawl?).


Meanderings : Cherokee Cafe


Meanderings : Cherokee Cafe

Meanderings : Cherokee Cafe


As the sun sets across the field you are able to sit and enjoy Cafe fare with burgers, sandwiches, cake, coffee and an array of beverages while taking in the relaxed atmosphere. If its cold, there are wood burning stoves to make sure you stay warm, or you can sit inside as well.


Meanderings : Cherokee Cafe

Meanderings : Cherokee Cafe


This is  such a lovely place to stop off. I am inclined to think that one will spend more time here than anticipated. I know I did, taking photos and trying out the furniture.  But also by the time I decided to sit down, my cuppaccino was ready and waiting so I could enjoy it while appreciating the country vibe and view.  Please do allow time for that if you are on your way somewhere (I am just taking care of your well being here after all).

Overall, the atmosphere is great, the folks are friendly, the coffee is good. Not to mention, you will be the envy of all your friends for visiting the Midlands newest Cafe (only four months in operation – you heard it here hey). There is not a lot more that you could ask for on a small roadtrip.

PS: A word of caution – This stop off may leave you with an American accent of Southern inclination…


See you on the road….


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