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The name of this Cafe conjures up pictures of freshly brewed coffee and meals.  And thats exactly what you can expect.  But let me back up a little before I get into the nitty gritty.


Freshly Grounded Cafe style

Celtiskloof was once the nursery to be seen at.  Then it closed down.  But, happy days, reopened.  It seems though that most folks I speak to aren’t aware of this.  This is kind of how we roll in KZN.  But let me let you in on a secret, the nursery is open and there is a gem of a find located at this spot.

Meanderings : Freshly Grounded Cafe


I strolled into Freshly Grounded Café this morning, not quite sure of what to expect.  What a pleasant surprise.  A somewhat familiar, smiling face greeted me.  Sharon has had many years of experience in the restaurant industry in the Midlands and this is where I recognise her from.  She has now opened up this stunning café at Celtiskloof (opposite Sakabula Golf course).   I am always happy to see people with fresh ideas starting something new and running with it.  Her enthusiasm to network and grow this side of the Meander is entirely infectious.  As are her ideas on growing and teaching people about micro greens and a fresh, healthy lifestyle.



Meanderings : Freshly Grounded Cafe


The Café has been open only four months and is already hosting its second event soon – the Love Flow Festival on the 13th February.  It is a lovely little haven with plenty stuff for the kids to get into while the folks can relax and enjoy some good food and coffee.  The adventure putt putt course is not only fun but educational, with labelled greens and veggies planted around it.  So kids can learn about growing their own stuff while playing.


I have a tasty cappuccino in front of me in no time at all, while I relax and gaze out on the trees and palms and putt putt.  I could put in some serious chill time here.  With a laptop, a book or a group of friends.


It’s a nifty little hideaway within easy reach of the freeway.  What more can you ask for?


Meanderings : Freshly Grounded Cafe


Breakfast arrives and is tasty. Veeery tasty.   It gives me the opportunity to hear how Sharon plans to get people enjoying this little slice of paradise and all the fabulous ideas for growing the offering of Freshly Ground Café.  The main focus being on fresh, healthy approach to life and meals and sharing this knowledge with people.


Meanderings : Freshly Grounded Cafe


There are also some craft shops in the nursery area that you can browse and spend some hard earned cash at.


But why don’t you come and experience it yourself at Celtiskloof centre, 2 Boston Bulwer Road (R617).  They are open daily 8:30 to 16:00.  You will be happy you did.  Many times over J




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