King of The Roost

King of The Roost

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New kid on the block, The Roost, is seemingly smoothing the feathers of the locals with tasty treats that are healthy and tasty.  That pretty much sums it up. Blog post written, people informed.

But it would be a bit of a tragedy actually to end it there. Truthfully, tasty may describe the food but not fully. If you are looking for a healthy take out alternative to warm your tummy or tickle your family’s tastebuds, The Roost is worth a stop. Their menu offering is not complicated, but cleverly put together to get maximum punch for an amount that wont break your bank.

On the soft opening night, the Hilton weather was cold enough to drive the penguins to search for cover. But, in contrast, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. As was the food. I got to savour the tender chicken burger, which literally melted into a flavour offering that had me quiet (not an easy task I assure you).


Peri peri, lemon herb and hot are the flavours of choice here. I opted to go with lemon herb and the experienced freshness had my tastebuds doing a little happy dance. Chicken livers, roasted mielies and roasted sweet potato, as well as the delicious hand cut sweet potato and potato chips all did the rounds, being abducted from the food trays quickly by eager hands.

If you are looking for a draught, this can be savoured along with your food too.



But it doesnt stop there. Some of the other offerings of this funky take away stop are Ice cream, healthy flu shooters and fruit juice. Scoop is on hand for some delicious handmade icecream scoops the likes of Gin n Tonic, Popcorn, Salted Caramel, Rocky Road and more. The flavours just sing out as they melt in your mouth.

If you are looking for a pick me up, try out the ginger shooter or the organic fruit juices. Super fresh and packed with flavour.


All in all, if you are out of electricity, want the night off cooking, want a treat or just want some healthy food in your tum, you will not be sorry to have stopped by The Roost in Hilton at Shop 3, Jacaranda Centre.

Check out their Facebook page (click here) and follow them, or Instagram account (click here) to keep up to date.

Go on….go fluff your feathers 😉


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