What do you know about the Blue Invention experiment?

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So its been a while….

for a lot of things really….


a blog piece

a coffee Midlands visit…

A good solid visit with a friend.


Well, I am pleased to say that I managed to get all my favourites in, with a little bit of inventive flair.

It was a gorgeous sunny Midlands day. The greens look greener, the sky looks bluer and those storm clouds only seem to add to the allure to the vista across the valley toward the Berg.


Its like a scene from Thelma and Louise.  Well except I am not running from the law, or driving some gorgeous classic car, or driving over a cliff…… But the sense of freedom and open road with some deep house music in the background.


Meanderings : Blueberry Cafe


The road winds up a hill to one of my favourite coffee haunts…. Blueberry Cafe.  The wind blowing through the grass adds a sense of freedom when looking across the vista before me.  The cafe is packed to the hilt, which isn’t unusual. People are making use of the various seating options throughout the venue. We settle for some oversize leather couches while we chat.  Chris comes to greet and catch up.  I see the barista, Josh, across the room.  I have been promised some delectable coffee to tantalize my tastebuds.


Josh shows us over to the vats of green coffee beans.  The South Americans across to the Ethiopian and Kenyan beans.  I get to pick, so Sidamo was my treat.  Josh proceeds to introduce us to the Roaster which is oh so pretty.

I get to experience pour over coffee with a full demonstration.  The coffee is bright and has such clarity that your tastebuds are left singing.  Josh tells me about his idea for Barista Regional Champs and introduces  me to a tea contraption that is going to seal the deal.

The creativity and caffeine has me buzzing.  There is mention made of a barista evening and I am looking for the place to sign up.

Meanderings : Pour Over

What is very clear about Blueberry Cafe is that they are passionate about coffee. Its something about this passion that creates a pull into the coffee world and the creativity they show is exciting. Its something that seems to be taking off in the Midlands… artisinal everything. Creativity unleashed in so many ways.

Meanderings : Infuser

So why not get yourself out there and experience some of it. See you on the road….

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