The Real Truth about Kirsten Hughes & The Farmers Daughter

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Truth be told


It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, neither were there any foreboding woods or a full moon, nor an alien abduction. It just happened. No one can really tell why or how it came together, but for the good fortune of all of us, it did.  What am I on about? The truth about how an accomplished woman and photographer and a couple of amazing restauranteurs happened to be at the right space and time to meet up and decide to put together an event that is going to blow the minds and knock the socks off anyone who is lucky enough to attend.

You heard it here…..


Art by the Fire

Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography

For the Love of It

Kirsten Hughes is one talented woman! Clearly gifted in a number of creative fields including sales,the local music industry, crafts and well, no doubt, Photography. She tells an emotive and sometimes nostalgic story with her photographs about people, nature and places. It all began when she was encouraged to enter into the African Photographer Entrepreneurial Programme in 2008 and among professionals was the only amateur that placed.


Her love and (clearly) skill have continued to grow as she can often be seen toting her camera bag with her wherever she goes and is constantly taking the opportunity to capture an arresting, vivid image.  If not her camera, then her phone is not far off recording unexpected angles with a perceptive eye. Take a look at her photography page for further information.


Kirsten captures life with beauty and grit.

Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography

Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography


This is the story she will be telling at Art by the Fire with her aptly titled “For the Love of it” exhibition.

Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography



The Farmers Daughter

Two intrepid women, who just happen to be best of friends, met and decided to combine skills. The rest they say, is history (check out a previous post). The name of this particular restaurant is being splashed all over the media with very good reason.  The cuisine is top notch, the atmosphere of the venue is country chic (it’s all the rage dahling) and the owners are an absolute delight.Their new home at Yard 41 in Howick along the Karkloof road is gorgeous and very fashionable while carrying the Farmers Daughter trademark mismatched cutlery and decor details.

Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography

Jen and Tarryn are not only invested in making this lovely establishment a success, with wry and amazing wit along the way, but also believe in investing in the community around them. The first meeting about Art by the Fire at a round table (makes you feel like you are about to forge a treaty for the good of mankind – and so it was) Jen and Tarryn were very keen to share ideas and be of assistance, which says much of these lovely lasses despite their busy schedules.


Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography


So to sum it all up. We have, well  … forces of nature coming together.

Meanderings : Kirsten Hughes Photography


But as the telemarketers like to say, “but wait, there’s more”. Former journalist and full time writer, Charles Webster, like so many artists uses his career to fund his passions which are his musical and philosophical proclivities.  This local musician quotes his influences as ranging from Mozart to Led Zepplin. This soulful balladeer and accoustic guitarist will serenade your ears with folks, rock, pop and occasionally some light jazz.

It is very hard to top these factors all combined. And that while on the Midlands with roaring fires, clear evenings speckled with stars, gluhwein and snacks.


The truth about Kirsten Hughes and The Farmers Daughter is that they have just put together a cracker evening with a Photographic exhibition to exhilarate your visual imagination and take you on a journey,along with culture, entertainment, class and delectable food. So here is the kicker. Its free. There is no charge for entry. All you have to do is arrive between 6pm and 9:30pm and you too can be part of this evening.  Word to the wise though, if you plan to have dinner at The Farmers Daughter, please call ahead and book.  There are plenty people coming to eat at a favourite and those wanting to try it for a first.


Ladies and gentleman, truth be told…. it would not be one of those things you want to miss.  Just a segment of a quote… “And dying in your bed, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here…..” William Wallace


(Note : I appreciate the gravity of history and the quote, and the sacrifices that were made…. but just go with me on this)


Please feel free to visit the event notice on facebook to indicate that you like it or are going. That way we can keep you up to date on developments.


Details are:


Day : 5 August 2016

Time : 18h00 – 21h30

Place : 4 Shafton Road, The Farmers Daughter, Yard 41, Howick


We sincerely hope to meet you there. Come meet the amazing people involved. You won’t be sorry you did.



See you on the road…….

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