Spalicious Synergy

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Is that possible? Sensational Synergy?  Well essentially by my definition, Synergy would be perfection. It is a number of elements working together in harmonic unison to achieve a common purpose. Well, that’s how I see it at least.

I was lucky to experience this at an event recently.

Off I drove to Sole Salon in Victoria Road after having being invited to a ladies event.  Yes, little old me! In all honesty, I am no super model, so I always get slightly nervous when receiving such an invite. But was I in for a surprise. I walked in and was greeted by the friendly ladies at Sole as if they knew me. That is always a relief for me. An inviting atmosphere sure helps you settle in easily.

Six Sensational Skincare National representative, Michelle Arde, was talking to groups of ladies and offering beverages and tantalizing tasters.  In other words, Wine and Pizza. Not any pizza though. Pizza supplied by PMB’s famous Pizzology. (Gastronmic delights await you here – no boring pizza allowed).


Pizzology, Victoria Road



Wood fired pizzas
Delicious wood fired pizzas

Okay, I could stop writing right there. The Synergy has  already been demonstrated. Beauty salon, ladies, wine and pizza.  What more could a girl ask for? But wait…. not to sound overly corny… there is more!


Michelle proceeded to educate us on the importance of skincare, especially in our dry winters. Let’s be honest, most days you feel like a garden that hasn’t been watered since them days.  Well, there is a Spalicious way to make sure your skin gets what it needs and more.  As someone who really suffers in the dry, I know how important it is to keep your skin hydrated, lock moisture in and keep your skin looking good.  So, here are some of the favourites for Winter that were discussed on the evening.


Michelle from Six Sensation
Michelle from Six Sensation
Ladies evening
Ladies evening



Jasmine Flower Bath, Body and Massage oil

Great for after gym or a rough day! This is a muscle relaxant, mood enhancer (and aphrodisiac – 50 Shades of Fun).  At the same time the Jasmine is combined with Sweet Almond oil which moisturises and improves elasticity of the skin and Viatmin E to keep your skin looking younger and firmer.  Not to mention it smells amazing.


Marula Bath, Body and Massage oil

This oil has an amazing smell and is pH balanced to aid healing of scarring and blemishes related to acne. It is fast absorbing and not sticky at all (which great if you have to handle stuff afterward – no sticky prints everywhere). Sweet Almond oil make sure your skin is supple in the South African sun and winter dry and Vitamin E takes care of super model looks.


Hawaiian Coconut Bath, Body and Massage oil

Random fact, I love coconut. Coconut oil, coconut in drinks and the smell of coconut wafting through the air at the beach. We all like to hear we are looking beautiful. Honestly, I think this is one of natures amazing ingredients. In winter I make sure I have a coconut cream or shea butter or something of the sort around. I would turn into a dry husk without it. So I think this has to be my favourite of the oils. It’s fats help lock in the moisture in the skin but it absorbs quickly in the skin (yay, two thumbs up). Coconut oil actually helps prevent microbial infections that can get in via open wounds and pores. Combined with Almond oil and Vitamin E, your skin will be healthy and supple. Not to mention you will feel like you are on holiday because you smell delicious. (Or is that Spalicious?)

Okay, so I have covered three of the oils.  But Michelle told us more about some of Six Sensational’s breakthrough technologies for our South African climate and spoke about scrubs for exfoliation and spoilt the ladies with all sorts of samples and prizes.  Sole also got in on the feel-good giving and all the ladies received a voucher for a Fusion massage by the wonderful Zinhle.  Trust me when I say that this is a  remarkable experience (love your work Zinhle!!). On the whole, I think that the ladies now have Winter nailed and we will all look and smell the better for it.

If you want to find out more about any of the products, you can contact Ula or Amanda on 011 312 7840 to find your nearest stockist or visit Sole in Victoria Road, Pietermaritzburg to browse the range of products.

Should you be in need of a massage to ease some aching muscles (or you are in need of a pamper session) you can contact Zinhle at Sole on 033 345 6541.

Pizzology will gladly make sure that your stomach is full of gastronomic delights if you are in need of nutrition and sustenance.  You can call them on 033 345 0024 or pop in to their pop art cross industrial styled eatery in Victoria Road to make sure you are culinarily satisfied.

As for me, I am ready for the next adventure.  So, see you on the road…




Prize winners
Prize winners


Leading ladies at Sole
Leading ladies at Sole

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