Getting out on the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal to Brahman Hills really needs no excuse. It is pretty much an exercise in health and wellness really.

So is visiting Brahman Hills. If you want to rest, relax, exercise, eat well, enjoy your surrounds and be comfortable (and maybe indulge in a bit of shopping) then Brahman Hills is a great point to do this from.

And I am going to give you some reasons why 🙂


There is no doubt that you have landed in a little bit of paradise at Brahman Hills. From the meandering paths to the walks across the hills and vales of the estate to the big sky views of the sunset silhouetting the buck, zebra and Brahman and Nguni cows. Brahman Hills has expansive views and plenty of space to absorb the abundance of nature and fresh air ably provided by the Midlands.

If you are a keen birder, you will be plenty happy with the different species of bird twitching around this area. Not only does Brahman Hills host a number of species, but has had two of the three Crane species seen on the Estate. Just to make things super special, the Blue Crane Nature Reserve, that plays a big role in the conservation of this species, is just down the road.

The Brahman Cafe

Brahman Hills prides itself on good food. And plenty of it! It doesn’t matter which restaurant you choose, you are likely to be given a healthy dose of nutrition that is tasty and beautiful.

Brahman Cafe is no exception to this rule. I enjoyed a delicious dinner while watching zebras and bathing in the warmth of a glorious fire and an energy filled breaking of fast here with a kicker of a cappuccino.

The dining room is spacious with lots of wood and has funky arrangements of lamps. Not to be missed is the lounge with views over the chapel and rolling hills that is a renowned selfie spot (the morning light is somewhat ethereal here).

The Jacuzzi’s

Who doesn’t enjoy a good soak in the jacuzzi with a glass of bubbles in hand?

Sitting and enjoying the sunset lit views while sipping bubbly is definitely a great way to relax.

The chalets at Brahman Hills have strategically placed jacuzzi’s at your disposal which have turned out to be quite the ‘instagrammable feature’. So don’t forget to get your pic if you are going to indulge in a soak.

The Brahman and Nguni Cows

Yes, both Brahman’s and Nguni’s roam the hills and estate here. They are huge and very healthy as we saw up close on our walk. They are nothing more than curious, but you do suddenly realise that these are not small animals.

In fact, I woke the morning at an entirely unreasonable hour to hear a crash and a sound best described as a roar, followed by some heavy ‘hoof beats’. I wondered what had happened, but was so snug that I couldn’t coax myself out of bed. On my walk the following day, we discovered one of the Brahman had broken the wooden fence to get to the nice green Kikuyu grass. That is one determined cow!

The Wildlife

The estate hosts a number of species of buck, red wildebeest, zebra and of course the aforementioned giant cattle.

The impala tend to congregate in groups everywhere, but came quite close to my room, so I was able to study them as they nibbled away at juicy grass shoots. It is quite something to be able to just sit and enjoy nature on my ‘stoep’ as such. For me, this is one of the highlights of Brahman Hills.

Comfortable luxury accommodation

You have a choice of accommodation from Hotel rooms, Cottages and the addition of the new self-catering Springholm Cottages by the dam. All of the accommodation at Brahman Hills is beautifully decorated and stylish. It leaves you in no doubt that you have arrived at a well thought out destination with a clearly lovely guest offering.

But isn’t that why we come back again and again?

I stayed in Eland Cottage. I absolutely love the wooden floors, it reminds me of farm life in the Midlands. For me, Brahman Hills reminds me of a very chic farm (with loads of great food). The beds are so comfortable and the curtains live up to the ‘blackout’ concept by allowing you to sleep in a bit (if that is your thing). The amenities are divine (I actually took my shower gel home :)).

Springholm has been added to the Brahman Hills family and boast three Self-Catering Stone cottages, three Waterfront Bed and Breakfast suites, as well as some additional Suites, namely the Heron, Ibis and Duck Suites.

In addition to this is the utterly romantic Sunbird (Honeymoon) Suite. Situated on the water edge you step out onto the patio with the water flowing beneath. No-one is going to be particularly preoccupied with the sensational views in this suite, but I thought I would mention it nonetheless. The bathroom is also absolutely dreamy. But I guess you are just going to have to visit the website to see.

89 on Copper

I make no bones about this. This is one of my favourite restaurants ever! For a number of reasons; the food, the ambience and of course absolutely spectacular setting.

The Chefs entirely outdid themselves. Put a group of ladies together with wine, bubbles and great food and you are in for a cacophony of stories and fun. And yes, that is exactly what happened.

The food would keep a pod of foodies entirely entertained for a good couple of hours. They would however need power banks for their phones as they snap away, because it looks just delightful.

Of the 5 courses, the Cauliflower steak and Dessert were my absolute favourites and I refuse to narrow it down to simply one. They are both so flavoursome though they may be on opposite sides of the spectrum; they were equally tasty.

You can find out more about 89 on Copper here in a prior visit.

The Wedding and Conferencing spaces

Weddings at Brahman Hills are an enchanting, memorable occasion. What more could a couple want?

There are two chapels here, each with a different atmosphere. The Lakehouse Chapel has views across the water and embodies a light, ethereal ambience. While the Valley View Chapel is below the earth and has a grounded, warm feel but has views across the rolling hills into the valley.

It makes me think of water versus earth. Seemingly identifying to different personalities, they both had me wondering what it would be like to stand backlit at the front of the chapel saying my ‘I do’. Either way, the views have you thinking of proteas and roses.

Find out more about weddings here.

The Glass House is a well-known feature on the Midlands. It is a breathtakingly designed space that invites the outdoors in with the glass front. This hosts up to 380 delegates/guests for both wedding receptions and conferences. It is a suitably large space with beautiful light filling the room.

In addition to this, the Agility Hub can host up to 120 delegates and is made up of 3 rooms and a boardroom with all the necessary facilities.

To find out more about conferencing at Brahman Hills, you can visit here.

The Spa

Absolute bliss and tranquility to the sound of running water. Welcome to the Brahman Hills Spa!

The thing I love most about this spa is … do I really have to choose? I love the entrance through the lavender bushes, the water running down the outer walls of the garden, the friendly therapists, the food (this can be pre-arranged), the clean, modern bridal area, the sound of running water, the skilled masseurs, the fragrant bathing rooms, the mimosa’s while having a pedi carried out while I stare into the valley outside.

All of that! And more. This distinctive spa is a landmark that is easily recognised by any who have been in the area. If you haven’t been here, you have secretly wanted to go or are planning to.

The choices of aromatherapy treatments and scrubs, combined with what is an extensive knowledge of the masseurs on how to find those knots in your muscles is a defining memory for me every time. I feel positively euphoric afterwards and always love returning.

The Meander

Of course, Brahman Hills is situated on the lovely Midlands Meander. As commented during the course of the weekend,

It’s like Franschoek, just a bit more spread out.

We stopped at a number of destinations finding spices, clothing, incense, curious, rainbows, food, coffee, drinks and of course, drinks.

Of course, we had to stop at The Windmills Kitchen for some farm fresh food and cold pressed drinks after all the walking.

The Midlands is undoubtedly one of the secret gems in KwaZulu-Natal, because few people realise the extent of it and how much is available to eat, drink, see and do.

If you want more info about some of the Midlands places we visited, you can find articles on (click the link to read):

Ah, I can sense you searching your calendar and wondering how to get in touch with Brahman Hills?

You can call them on +27 (0)33 266 6965 or find their details on their website. If you want to see their current specials, you can find them here.

Until then…See you on the Road!

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