So what is it that drives us to partake in that very fine black gold that puts fire in our veins and inspires us to seek more?  There is something special about indulging in this black liquid that lifts the soul and clears the fog and occasionally brings music out of thin air.

Well now, maybe it’s just me.

But if you agree, I am certain that you will also agree that indulging in this wonderful pastime of drinking coffee in it’s various forms is always improved somewhat; by drinking it in an agreeable destination.  So since it is my ‘hood, I have taken the liberty of listing 5 of my favourite places to indulge in a fine cappuccino, espresso or flat white.  And with no further adieu…….here are my favourite haunts.

4 Tasty Coffee Places


Terbodore Coffee

The Grant Dane stop.

From the parking lot you walk past the roastery and it is this tantalising smell that draws you through into the Coffee Shop. Tastefully furnished and comfortable, you have ample room to take a seat and enjoy your caffeine of choice.

There are also loads of options to purchase in the form of beans, ground coffee and pods to take with your to prolong your caffeinated joy when you depart.

The coffee is rich and dark and lure you to linger here.  The food is just as tantalising and it should be noted that if you are planning on coming here on the weekend to get your fix of coffee and to have some cake along with it, it would be wise to book to avoid disappointment.

Blueberry Hill Cafe

Blueberry cheesecake

One of the Midlands Meander staples. With clean décor lines and local crafts to purchase it is a pretty good stop. The view rolls all the way through the valley to the mountains and sometimes you can even see the start of Springgrove Dam in the Kamberg valley. But this is not what brings me here.

Its the coffee……..

Well, and the cheesecake. It is a combo I cannot seem to get enough of.  The cappuccino I had is super smooth with chocolate accents with a really creamy mouth feel. Along with just the thought of the cheesecake topped with  blueberries is enough to get me grabbing my car keys and heading for the door.

Be sure to take a look in here.

Ground Coffee House

Ground Coffee House

This funky stop in Hilton that is well known by cyclists and runners. It also doubles up as a meeting place for those doing business.

But the real reason to visit here is because these folks have a passion for coffee and wanting to see people enjoy it at its best. It is not hard to see when you strike up a conversation with any of the baristas that are on hand. They are passionate about educating people about the coffee as well as serving it up at its best.

Ask about the different choices weekly for a lesson in where your cuppaccino is sourced from and the different flavours it provides.

The carrot cake here also rocks your socks off!

The Upper Millstone

The Upper Millstone

Another delicious coffee stop in Hilton.  This ones comes along with an artisinal bakery that keeps you wanting more.  A regular stop on the way to work for folks wanting to get their yummy caffeine fix and a chocolate croissant to go along with it, this shop has the parking lot full during its business hours.  

Fast wifi also encourages business folks to keep their momentum going with cuppaccinos and their business singing at the same time.

I have found this cuppaccino to have a full flavour and really smooth mouth feel and hits my caffeine need right in the bulls eye. The snacks to go with it are an obvious bonus, as well as being able to take a loaf of freshly baked artisinal bread .

A not to be missed stop if you love your caffeine.

Step out to the Coffee Countryside

The KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Meander is growing into it’s coffee stride and with it it’s bringing some wonderfully sourced, roasted and brewed coffee products to be enjoyed far and wide.  If you want a flavour experience to savour, you will get yourself out to one of these Coffee Houses and try one of their caffeinated treats.  Maybe along with a treat to go with it.  Get to enjoy the wonderful rolling hills and fields of the countryside while sipping on a cup of amazing black gold.

Which is your favourite coffee shop on the Meander and why do you love them?

Until then…..See you on the road!

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