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5 Signs you should head out to Relish Cafe on the Midlands

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Signs you should be out in the Midlands


The pull the countryside has for me is remarkable. When I am beginning to feel a little stretched, looking for a bit of distraction, need to think or just want some gorgeously fresh air. It is a simple equation that works! I find being out in the country provides that very relief in the form of wide open spaces, rolling hills and fields and a good dose of country quiet. I guess that is why we are so lucky in KwaZulu-Natal and indeed in South Africa. We have a breathtakingly beautiful country with so many hills and hidden valleys to explore (to be noted I am not a fan of the spiders that live in said valleys #justsaying).

As I sip on my ice cooled liquid I contemplate this thought and realise that sadly it is not like this for everyone. But then again, maybe there are some that do not recognise the signs indicating that they are indeed needing to get out into the country.

So then, pray tell, you ask ‘What are some of the signs you should head out into the countryside (for example, the Midlands in KZN)?


5 Signs you should be getting out as soon as possible are:


1  Irritability (with most everything and a good percentage of everyone)

2  You get a glazed look in your eye when people mention taking a break

3  The idea of getting in your car and driving out of the hustle and bustle is super appealing

4  You have a great desire for a quality cuppaccino/craft beer/craft gin/wine/Cafe food/Gourmet food…..

5  You feel like having a good quality adventure (really any excuse will fit here – why do you even need an excuse)

Relish Cafe at the heart of The Junction
Relish Cafe at the heart of The Junction


Where is Relish Cafe?

Located in the countryside town of Notthingham Road (either a drive up the old R103 road or take the N3 and exit 132 to Nottingham Road and hook a right at the T Junction followed by a left after Gowrie Village) Relish Cafe is situated on the junction of roads at the aptly named Junction centre.

Why Relish Cafe could be good for your health

Relish Cafe could be very good for your health. Here is why.



The food is yummy! Although you are in the country, this ain’t no Kansas; Dorothy. The menu has something to fill a variety of palates and looks beautiful while doing it. Not to mention there is food catering for those that wish to eat a balanced diet and some that feel less balance is needed. It is all up to you.


Breakfast Relish Cafe
Salmon eggs benedict




If thirst ails you, have no fear, Relish has a selection here. From milkshakes, to cold drinks, to silky cuppaccino’s and fragrant chai latte’s. All of which can be sipped luxuriously while reading one of the many books from the numerous book shelves (Winter is going to be beaten by many here).



Entertainment for who? The adults, the teens or the children? For all of the aforementioned 🙂

The children have an entire playground of drums and things to climb through and over and under.  Mini zip lines are accessible too.  All this while the Teens can go be competitive and practice some archery at the shooting range.  There are shops surrounding Relish Cafe with chocolate dipping, book shops, furniture, interior decor, collectibles and crafts, kitchen tech and deli specialties.

Or should the adults decide to have a grown up conversation about, say, the weather. This too can be accomplished while allowing the little ones to play by having a panoramic view of the playground from inside or under the latticed reed ceiling outside.

It all really is about options.



Meanderings : Relish Cafe View
Eating with a view


This eatery has a bustling atmosphere which manages to capture the feeling you get when you have family and friends get together on special occasions. The staff are welcoming, the decor is beautiful and the smell of pizza’s being made in a wood fired oven certainly get the tastebuds going. All this while there is a buzz of happy conversation.

If you are looking for a break from the mundane and a bit of country relief, why not pop by this Kitchen for a bit of Relish?


You can find Relish Cafe information at their Facebook page (click here).


Until then….. as they say


See you on the road….


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  1. Cee

    Sounds like a perfect stop on a Midlands Road Trip! Thanks for sharing, that pouched egg and salmon meal has my name all over it. Yum!

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