I realise more and more that I am very much a person who loves experiences. Seemingly, food experiences really rank highly among these. I think this may be because I am visually orientated and enjoy the effect that visual images have on the chemicals in my brain in that it gets my creative juices flowing. Whoever the person was that said “You eat with your eyes first” is obviously a person just like me.

If you are looking for a decidedly different experience, 89 on Copper will get you just that.

When you walk from the chilly Midlands evening into the entrance hall of Brahman Hills you are warmed by the large fire roaring in the fireplace and the smiles of the staff that greet you. Take a turn past the elaborate lights and Brahman art down the stairs to the cellar’; and you will notice the ambient lighting which flows over the walls and wooden barrels turning them a rosy hue. When exiting the passageway you are immediately greeted by a wooden bar and lounges with comfortable couches behind glass walls with 89 on Copper elegantly stenciled on the door.

89 on Copper
The entrance hall to 89 on Copper

You can visit the bar, Copper, for evening drinks with friends while out on the Meander or call Brahman Hills to arrange something special. The staff here prove to be absolute go-getters, wanting your visit to be the best you can imagine.

The glass enclosed bar, Copper.

The talkative group of 7 ladies I am with, head toward the dining room while I lagged behind; getting a little lost in using my camera to try and capture the mood and light. By the time I catch up in the dining room, the ladies are seated and talking animatedly (as we generally do). I am generally an enthusiastic person who is not often out of words, but walking through the entrance of the private restaurant, I didn’t know whether to just gasp or squeal with delight. It is beautiful!

Stone walls with ‘portholes’ holding bottles of wine. Soft lighting with unexpected light shades that look like delicately linked decorative chain mail. Beautiful shades of platinum and silver vases with floating candles and pale blooms to match. The flickering candles throw soft light on the tables with small flowers and deciduous plants in pretty vases.

Wine in the Walls
Wine in the walls at 89 on Copper

Walking to the table set aside for the meal, the bubbles are already racing each other up the champagne flutes while bringing a fresh smile to the faces at the table.

While the chattering and laughter increase, the Amousse arrives paired with Waterford Pecan Stream Sav Blanc. The flavours of the vegetarian California Rolls Salsa Verde, Soy Gel, Cannelinie Bean Puree and Alfalfa sprouts combine an almost savoury flavour juxtaposed with the salty soy and Salsa Verde and Alfalfa freshness. The tastebuds are definitely awake!


The Starters arrive next. Compressed Langoustines with flavoured oil, Confit Tomato, Wasabi, Sauce Soubise, Squid and Parsley paired with a Warwick Unwooded Chardonnay. The succulent Langoustines with sweet and bright flavours make your tastebuds sing, while the punch of the sauce and wasabi heighten the sauce, tomato and squid.


Starters - Compressed Langoustines
Starters – Compressed Langoustines

Next up after some heartfelt stories shared, is the Mains. I have a confession. Never has the flavour of this feathered bird touched my lips. So I was pleased as punch to hear that I was going to have duck for my Mains. I was not to be disappointed by this first time experience. Sous Vide Duck Breast Almonds, Cranberry, Butternut, Amaretto, Asparagus, Duck Crimisque and Almonds paired with an Alto Rouge Red Blend. What a flavour bomb this course turned out to be!

Mains : Duck
Mains : Duck

By now I am approaching full food capacity. But if there was one thing I have learnt growing up, it is that dessert is not more food. It is more like the filler between the food. Therefore, there is always space for dessert. I am definitely a sweet tooth kinda gal. So you will deduce from this that dessert is my deal. The combination of fudge, coconut and passion fruit gel, compressed orange, honey, berry compote is one that can only be taken one (tea)spoon at a time with a broad smile and sips of a Muaratie port.


What a splendid way to end a beautiful evening with some fantastic women. With discussions of life changing events and sharing one’s heart, the meal was elevated by stories of obstacles defeated and lives forever altered by positivity.

Dinner conversation
Dinner conversation

This evening was very poignant for me, but I am sure you have occasions that you want to be remembered and special. So if you are looking for somewhere with a different vibe, ambiance in spades and superb food, then make yourself a booking at 89 on Copper at Brahman Hills. Let them help you make your evening a memorable one.

If you are looking for a food experience, then this destination should be topping out your list.

See you on the road…..

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