Sipping coffee, sitting on the deck watching a freight train pull off on one side, while vehicles head up the old R103 road to their respective adventures, I figure it is a fitting start to a new year. Somewhat transitory.

And yet a trendy new take on an older space is where I find myself.

VT Coffee Cafe Midlands is located on the R103 at the old Lions River station alongside the art hub, The Platform.

Newly opened, it features a converted container, a deck, creative seating, fast wifi, and good tunes all mixed up together with lekker people, yummy (vegan-friendly) snacks and of course, excellent coffee. 

This is the Midlands latest coffee shop addition, opened on the 1 December 2019.

Coffee Cafe

I suppose people may ask…”Another Midlands coffee shop? Is it necessary?”

Yes! Yes and Yes!

The reason I say this, is primarily ‘Variety is the spice of life’. And who doesn’t like a bit of spice? Each cafe has its very own offering and ‘flavour’, thus appealing to its own niche group of people.  It also provides more sustainable employment in the Tourism sector and uplifts the local economy.

What is not to like? 

I can almost hear you say “It’s just a coffee shop”. 

Nope, its a respite from the grind, a pleasant place designed to add a breath of fresh air to your daily life, a good wifi resource, a neat place to get your caffeine intake and an incubator for the development of Midlands talent.

Onto the product side… yes, the cappuccino was the perfect combo of silky milk, medium roast beans outputting a flavour almost smacking of chocolate. A chocolate nut bark bar with a clout of dark chocolate that left my craving stopped in its tracks (which is suitable considering I am seated along the railway tracks with a view of the rolling hills and fields).

There are healthy (and ever so slightly naughty) treats available to keep your tummy happy, and like all good Midlands shops, a little something to invest in local crafts.

To add to this, if you so wish, CBD products can be purchased here too.

Why not come take a breather and shoot the breeze on the deck, listen to the birds and have a fabulously fresh Midlands experience?

Business hours are 07h00 to 17h00 daily. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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