Hilton is growing. It isn’t the village it used to be.  To that I say, yep, it is better.

We have all sorts of services and products that are growing like beanstalks that help improve our lives. 

With the new year also comes New Year’s resolutions. I am not a huge fan of these, because I find people make them almost to throw them by the wayside. But I do find myself thinking about things I may want to change or improve on as the cloth ticks over. So I guess it is kind of like a resolution but better.

I have gotten to the stage in my life where ‘getting fit’ is no longer a quick thing. Gone are the days when it was fairly easy. Now, things seem to take longer. I have fallen into poor habits of not keeping fit due to a number of reasons, but primarily a combination of stress and poor choices.

Now I find myself having to ‘clean up the mess’ this has left in my life and take responsibility for those choices.

Weirdly, I see this as an opportunity. And to help me with this fitness opportunity I decided to enlist a positive person to help the change. Enter, Box and Burn Hilton. Located at 6 Quarry Road, opposite the Build It Center, this alternative fitness studio is simply put, the shizzle (aka the bomb, the place to be, the best). 

I decided to try out a boxing fitness class to see what it was all about towards the end of 2019. Something told me it was going to be a challenge (because I am in no great shape). 

I met Llewellyn before the class and got ready to get my sweat on. Being a bit nervous I talked quite a lot, but Llewellyn calmed my nerves by telling me to take it at my own pace. I nodded grimly and said this may be a snail’s pace and he assured me that that was just fine.

The class are kitted out with gloves and we get going on a warm-up (which only adds to the Summer sizzle). Hydrating is something that should be applied in these sessions. Although my external hydration output seems to work overtime in situations like this, my water input at least increases too!

fitness training

The class is an hour long and proceeds through a full-body workout with boxing bags, medicine balls, dumbbells, cardio and bodyweight training all while keeping up a high-intensity pace. Llewellyn encourages, instructs, helps (and loses his count 🙂 ) quite regularly and sees that every member in the class has the individual attention and help needed.

I honestly left out sections of the class to take pictures, but even more honestly, was happy to do so. I found it quite challenging and felt my body telling me that there were muscles being exercised that I didn’t know I had. But that is, after all, what I came for. 

Afterwards, I sat and spoke to Llewellyn about his motivation and passion for boxing.  He tells me that his motivation is to see people’s lives improved. Especially the youth. To have positive motivation and direction in their lives is so important. In his work as a warden in the prisons he sees adult rehabilitation programmes all the time, but nothing that helps and directs the youth.

Training requires discipline and gives an outlet for directing energy. It is something that he feels very strongly about.

Making a positive change and helping people find their direction through fitness.

His faith carries him throughout life and he believes that part of his calling is to help people improve their lives. 

Being involved in a class here means you are going to learn, you are going to get individual attention and instruction and you are going to get fitter. You are also going to be stiff for a while 🙂 At least, that is my experience! 

Box and Burn

If you want to get fit, challenge yourself, learn some new skills and potentially find a drive you didn’t know you had, perhaps it is time you had a chat to Llewellyn and took a chance on a class.

The motto at Box and Burn is ‘Never lose your fight’ and they really help you achieve this. Normal people doing normal things with extraordinary results.

At least, that is my goal for the next little bit in my life. It will come with a positive outlook, a lot of sweat, probably some pirate language, but with a whole lot of satisfaction.

If you want to find more details about Box and Burn you can call Llewellyn at +27 (0)73 963 3044 or visit them on Facebook.

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