She sweeps from the crisp white sheets, enrobing herself in a luxurious white gown. Padding quietly onto an expansive wooden deck at Nambiti Plains to join the circle of life rising on the South African plains laid out before her.

Nambiti Plains deck

It is impossible to not wax lyrical when faced with the beating heart of our land as your opening scene when waking.

Nambiti Plains is set overlooking the grazing plains on the northern side of the Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Nambiti Plains views

It is foremost, a lodge that is environmentally aware in its building and operations practices. A place of tranquillity in the harmony of nature. It encompasses a quiet luxury and service that is constant throughout without needing to make a big fuss about it.

People of Nambiti Plains

The people at Nambiti Plains are always present when you need them, but never crowing your space. It seems to be a special kind of magic they have harnessed. The kind that has people treating one another with warm respect, but smiling and humming tunes while doing it. It creates the warmest ambience.

Experiences at Nambiti Plains

Experiencing the circle of life at Nambiti Plains can involve rising with the guinea fowl and heading out on a game drive vehicle with your guide, to find the Big 5 or learn more about the diversity that makes Nambiti reserve so special.

Or you can relax on your private deck or at the Lodge and try a ‘stay at home’ safari. The Lodge and suites are surrounded by bush and are strategically places around watering holes which are frequented by game.

If you follow the Lodge either on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that the watering hole and surrounding trees are a favourite haunt of elephant, who may even dip their trunks for a sip of the pool.

Alternatively, you could take part in a sundowner game drive, bathed in amber light under sapphire skies and catching the wildlife ‘change shifts’ from day to evening. One of the small delights is wrapping yourself in a freshly laundered Nambiti blanket as the temperature drops while you return under the inky black skies of night.

Deck at Nambiti Plains

Environmentally aware

Much of the lodge uses wood found in its natural state and reused. The decks are not oiled or varnished but are treated pine. The gravel paths around the Lodge and between the suites mean you can walk amongst nature, but the crunching of gravel also acts as an alert to animals so that they can move off if they choose to.

In the dining room, there is a large disc-shaped light that was built from a termite mound at the centre of the lodge. The Lodge was built around this furnishing.

The dining room is enclosed by large glass windows which overlook the deck and plains. During the day, tea and coffee are served here, as well as dinner.

The food experience at Nambiti Plains

The food at Nambiti Plains is not fussy. It is freshly sourced as far as possible locally purchased, it is creative and the most definitely delicious.

Quite simply, it is a culinary experience one needs to have if you enjoy your food.

Especially so if it is in the romantically lit Boma with a fire blazing under the stars. While you are savouring your perfectly cooked fish or melt in your mouth steak, you could hear the likes of lions of jackals calling out in the wilderness.

Boma at night

Rest and relaxations are pivotal at Nambiti Plains. Every effort is made to ensure your comfort. At the Lodge, there are binoculars for game viewing, books if you choose to settle in for a good read, large fireplace to mesmerise you as well as board games; all in sumptuous safari-style comfort.

If having a Nambiti Gin and Tonic is part of the equation for you, then you can have a word with a staff member who will ensure you have one in hand in next to no time.


Life tends to follow a different pattern and pace in the bush. The suites are designed with this in mind. A beautiful open space that flows from the bedroom to bathroom leading outdoors and surrounded by glass doors that seeingly invite nature into space.

The beds are sumptuous and feature some unique towel art with your turn down. The mosquito nets turn this bed fit for a Queen into a romantic safari dream. This is a malaria-free area, but it serves to keep those small warriors at bay.

I absolutely love the open shower, but the bath is still my absolute favourite thing. Being able to soak in heavenly bubbles with a glass of red wine while star gazing to the sound of natures chorus is for me the absolute must-have experience of a luxury safari.

It is simply sublime.

As is Nambiti Plains. Every effort is made to ensure that you are comfortable and have the tranquillity and peace of nature as part of your stay.

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