Why the World would be Boring without Bloggers

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Knock knock. Hello, anyone here?  Any bloggers around? So, why would the world be boring without Bloggers? A somewhat duller, less lively, less honest version of its current state. Because Bloggers are creative, bright, loud, quirky, funny and well the hottest thing since caramel off the stove.  Bloggers in their most honest form are more than merely entertaining. Why? I guess it is because their blog’s are a direct reflection in the world of who they are in words and photographs.


The Inside of a blog


Have you ever wondered how a blog post happens?  Time, travel, effort, creativity and trying to combine all this into something people may want to read. Plugins (like apps for a blog) that constantly have to be updated to make things work like they should, your media library, your actual writing (and don’t forget to get your SEO tweaking right too).  And that’s after you have put your blog post together.


If you are like me, you may still be digging around on the web to find some interesting bloggers. So, I thought I would introduce you to three of my Favourite Bloggers. Without further ado……..


Your Bloggers of the Day

Snap, Sizzle & Cook

Snap, Sizzle & Cook
Inge Loker of Snap, Sizzle & Cook


What is your blog addy? : www.snapsizzleandcook.co.za

Where can you be found on social media?

Click here for –> Facebook

Click here for –> Twitter

Click here for –> Instagram

How did you get into blogging? : By chance actually. I started my blog to keep a record of my recipes for my children and it slowly started gathering an interest and a following.

What do you blog about and why that? : I blog mainly about food because that’s what my blog is primarily about.

Something about you that we may not know. : I play the piano.

Who is your favourite blogger? : Phew so many actually but one that stands out more is Pinch of Yum (click here for –> Pinch of Yum).

Where do you live? : Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

What is your favourite thing locally to do? : Walk along the beachfront and eat ice cream.

Favourite food? : Anything Italian (the ultimate in comfort food).

Favourite band / kind of music? : I was a teen in the 80’s which is the decade known for the best music, so 80’s music.


Meanderings : Snap Sizzle & Cook




Ceece’s Travel


Meanderings : Ceece
Ceece with the famous pineapple pants


What is your blog addy? : At the moment the URL is still ceecestaxi.wordpress.com.  When I first started out I was travelling via public taxi only and thus came the url, but since we have grown so much and have gotten involved in various industries, people just generally google Ceeces Travel and I pop up.

Where can you be found on social media? : In order of most active:

Twitter –>  @Ceeces Travel
Instagram  –> @CeecesTravel
Snapchat –> @CeecesTravel
Facebook –> @CeecesTravel

How did you get into blogging? : I have always been a writer. It’s been my number one form of emotional expression since I could read and write as a child. My father was also a journalist, my mother a teacher and my godfather an architect. One day my god-sister suggested that I put my writing online and start a blog. And so I did. Within a few months, companies started approaching me, people started meeting me and I took my education in the digital world further by self studying social media, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

What do you blog about and why that? : Everything? Ha ha ha ha we’re always told to choose a niche but I have found that If I am just me, it works better. I do everything from tech, events, beauty, and especially travel.

Something about you that we may not know. : I am adopted. I was one of South Africa’s first 100 Cross Culturally adopted babies before 1994. I speak English and Afrikaans. I have a love of cars, but more if they’re old school or muscle. Not so much super cars and carbon fiber.

Who is your favorite blogger?  : What is this question even? Roflol there are WAY to many bloggers who all provide something special to my day, I couldn’t single out anyone.

Where do you live? : Kwa Zulu Natal BabY! I am a proud Durbanite, born and bred!

What is your favourite thing locally to do? : TRAVEL

Favourite food? : Sushi

Your favourite band / kind of music? : Again, I danced for many years (ballet, modern, hip hop and tap) that taught me to listen to music to appreciate different kinds of music. I don’t favor one over the other, they all speak different languages.

What is your next adventure? : Well, we actually have news. We are launching a new brand and media house in August 2016. I can’t say much about it yet nor tell you it’s name, but keep an eye out on my social media and my business partner and photographer, Al Nicoll’s facebook page or click here for his website . It’s going to be amazing.


Meanderings : Ceece's Travel


Run on Coffee


Nicola Meyer
Nicola Meyer


What is your blog addy? :  http://runoncoffee.blogspot.co.za/

Where can you be found on social media?

Click here for –> Facebook
Click here for –>Twitter
Click here for –> Instagram

How did you get into blogging? : I attended a few fun events and felt the need to be able to write about them so that my friends and family could share in the experience.

What do you blog about and why that? : I am a Lifestyle blogger as that encompasses a whole range of topics.

Something about you that we may not know. : I did show jumping when I was a child.

Who is your favourite blogger? : Kim Gray and IWantThat (click here for website)  for their decor and design posts. Nadia van der Mescht for all things stationery (click here for website).

Where do you live? : Kloof (just outside Durban) Kwazulu-Natal.

What is your favourite thing locally to do? : Drink coffee at Lineage in Hillcrest and attend the I Heart Market in Durban.

Favourite food? : Simple, wholesome, home food like stews and soups.

Your favourite band / kind of music? : I don’t have a favourite but I do love 70’s 80’s and I also get to hear a lot of the current music as I have two teenagers.


Well thank you for your time ladies and for popping in to tell us more about who you are and how you bring your special blend of herbs, spices and colour to the world.


Bloggers are a special kind who so love to share their experiences with people so that they can discover the same joy they experience at life around them.  At least the ones I know


Well folks, go have a good read…and then, I will see you on the road.

Until then…..

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