Meanderings : Boston Fly Fishing Festival 2017

Boston Flyfishing Festival 2017

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When flyfishing gets you, it hooks you feathers, hooks and technical gear.

At least that has been my experience. It took me a while to catch my first fish on fly. But I suppose that allowed me to appreciate some of the scenic places I visited while thrashing through the brush on the side of dams.

It is part of flyfishing though. That adventurous, untamed spirit that goes out looking to study its quarry and try and imitate nature or irritate the piscatorial fella to just take the darn imitative thing in its mouth.

I don’t fish often enough, but when I do it is always the bigger experience of being in a place, with certain amicable people, the food, the catching of fish and generally the excitement that goes with it that gets me. Enter Boston Flyfishing Festival 2017.

While I may have had the joy of fishing in a few different provinces, this is the first time I had the pleasure of taking part in this festival. Admittedly, it was a bit last minute, which allowed me the opportunity to rustle up a team of four, including two of my brothers and a friend and head out from our prospective corners of the country into the wilds of the Boston area.

The atmosphere and hospitality were fantastic. The scenery absolutely gorgeous (mostly shrouded in mist in the mornings making you think you were in a movie).  So I decided to flex some visual muscle and make a little video to show off some of the beauty.



So do yourself a favour… if you arent going to fish and flyfishing is not your thing, all good. But if you do, find a way to visit this area when this Festival is held and experience local hospitality at its finest. You will not be sorry.


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