Tranquility packaged with a Bow – Brahman Hills Spa


Literally. This is tranquility. If you want to have a no hassle experience that leaves you wondering how you are going to get home because you have turned into a mushy pool and aren’t certain if you can actually drive home….this is for you.


Brahman Hills Spa


It is not the first time I have had the pleasure of visiting this spa. I have been writing about spa’s quite a bit lately, but it is more because I know how my body reacts this time of year. I am starting to feel like I need a break. Winter is looming which puts me slap bang in the middle of ‘comfort mode’ and wanting to ‘hermit’ more often than not until Spring starts putting in it’s cheery appearance.

My guess is …. spa visits are me attempting to square up to Winter and trying not to turn into a bear readying for hibernation.

Winter looked like it disapproved resoundingly of my efforts, with the clouds gathering over Notthingham Road when I arrived. The lavender lined pathway on arrival at Brahman Hills Spa leads to the entrance of the rather unusual and distinctive looking spa. I find it absolutely impossible to not to spend time inhaling the fresh smell of lavender and grabbing a stalk to rub between my fingers to release its scent.

Being a tad early, I wonder around the perimeter of the spa snapping pictures, admiring the waterfalls and the green fields which hold the gentle giant Brahman cows that give this Spa and Accommodation its particular name. Being able to take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air and just gaze over all the green in itself is a bit of therapy.


Brahman Hills Spa


Looking inside Brahman Hills Spa

As you walk over the bridge to the entrance to Brahman Hills Spa you best know you are in for some slick interiors. It is beautifully laid out with shades of blue, white and wood. It almost has a nautical feel with the porthole shaped windows allowing the light to stream in, inviting vistas of the green fields and trees.



You are greeted by friendly staff who usher you to a seating area that immerses you in the sound of running water, both from the waterfalls outside and the moat inside that you cross to sit in your lazy boy to fill in your forms with all the pertinent information for your therapist.


The Brahman Hills Spa Experience


You have a choice of six different scents from natural aromatherapy oils to enhance your massage. The therapist tells us how it is important that it is a holistic approach that involves smell as well as the other senses to relax you for your treatment.

I have chosen to have a body scrub before my massage, ensuring that my body can absorb all the aromatherapy goodness and let it work its magic on my muscles. After I have left the luxurious, soft,royal blue gown on the wall and the therapist has discreetly ensured that my body is well polished and buffed with the salts, I tiptoe next door and slide into a herbal steaming bath.


Brahman Hills Spa


So I have been suffering from headaches bordering on a migraine for a week. This is not my idea of healthy, being the sensitive soul that I am. So I am strongly hoping that a good full body massage and the accompanying pressure therewith will drive away not only this skull beat, but all the knots and ailments from the last weeks toils.

To start, I am encouraged to breathe deeply while the therapist holds aromatherapy oils near me. I may be imagining things (this does occasionally happen…even once in a blue moon) but I can feel it filling my lungs and inducing easy breathing. As I relax, and continue breathing rhythmically, the massage begins at my feet with (as my best friend put it) ‘the hands of angels’.

It seems that not only are the staff friendly and knowledgeable, but very skilled too. It was probably the closest I have ever come to falling asleep during a treatment. Hovering peacefully between being awake and la la land; listening to the storm roll in with the gentle rain. Let me tell you, it is a truly beautiful respite.

I had the pleasure of having those pesky knots in my shoulders from being stooped over a laptop and computer eradicated with persuasive motion. Which means there were only remnants of the headache running for dark corners by the time the massage finished.

And then it was done…. Sigh. Well. I very slowly gather myself again and dress to go and enjoy a cappuccino while trying to desperately focus on acting ‘normal’.


Brahman Hills Spa


Brahman Hills Spa Details

Brahman Hills Spa is a day spa that offers a variety of packages and also cater to bridal parties. Take your Mom for Mothers Day, or have a day with the girls, or even a couples day.

If you want to have this unique experience, you can find them on facebook or visit their webpage  where you can make an enquiry or find out the history of the Spa. You can also give them a call and speak to a human on +27(0)33 266 6965 🙂


You will be happy you did. I am certainly eyeing out their brochure wondering where I can fit my next visit.


Until then….See you on the Road!


Brahman Hills Spa


This post was written in collaboration with Brahman Hills Spa. All words and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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