Meanderings : Copper CoffeeMeanderings : Copper Coffee

Cafe Life at Copper Coffee

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Quirky Copper Coffee


Quirkiness is a favourite of mine. Enter Copper Coffee. One of those gems that you happen to stumble upon which leaves an indelible impression on you.


Meanderings : Copper Coffee


It was not my intention to find this out of the ordinary cafe. But it seems that it found me. On exiting Relish Cafe at the Junction in Nottingham Road, I was strolling to my car when I caught the sign out of the corner of my eye and thought, ‘may as well pop in’.


Boy am I glad I did.

Meanderings : Copper Coffee

This shop not only serves up cold coffee (iced coffee) and milkshakes but also has a vast array of antiques and unusual goods on sale. Large artworks hang on the walls along with photographic canvas displays. Lamps that seem yesteryear but are very steampunk, typewriters, steel fans, shelves, cupboards, chais lounge and a variety of seating.

Meanderings : Copper Coffee


My chair of choice for the visit and while I enjoyed my iced coffee was a barbers chair. Sounds odd and is fairly surprising to discover, but believe it or not, it just captured the mood perfectly.


Meanderings : Copper Coffee


Aside from milkshakes and iced coffee, there is also a variety of coffees you can purchase here to get your caffeine fix. Not to mention the treats for those sweet of tooth. This tasty treat comes in the form of carrot cake, brownies, trifle, ice cream and muffins and the traditional and oh so yummy milktart.


Meanderings : Copper Coffee


You can even enjoy your purchase sitting on the ‘stoep’ and watching life pass by. This turns out to be a very interesting affair indeed.

If you want a memorable experience as you drift through Nottingham Road, I would propose that you stop in at Copper Coffee and treat yourself before you continue on your Meanderings.



Meanderings : Copper Coffee

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  1. Cee

    Loved the read, Carmen.

    I was actually there 2 weekends ago when we were on our Brahman Hills adventure. I will be writing about our stop there as well. Its where I took all those lightbulb images, that I posted on Instagram the other day. It is such an amazing stop, I really want to go back through and spend the entire day there, or at least a few hours, just exploring, maybe having some iced coffee and working in the shop as well. Loved the vibe and want everything in that store, lol.

    Loved the read. Thank you.

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