The creative way in which I like to express myself changes regularly. I think there is a strong chance that I have creative or artistic Adult ADD. Sometimes I find I can write a picture that is more real to me than life and other times I find myself preferring the picture I have captured as a far more accurate expression of what I am trying to capture.

I wonder if roasting, brewing and extracting coffee is not the same?

Does a barista brew different coffee as different expressions of the story of where it has come from, the journey it has gone through and the place where it is served?

It is a really moody day on the Midlands with clouds hanging low and rain spotting in the puddles. I start the day slowly after a busy week by sitting and admiring what we have on our doorstep in the Midlands. Craft, food, art, music, wine, beer, gin, fishing, hiking, running, mountain biking, horse trails, zip lining and accommodation to suit every budget. I feel so fortunate to live here at this time.

Heading up to Nottingham Road I turn off to Coffee and Life. It has taken me what seems to be an overly serious long amount of time to get here. For no particular reason other than life does not run according to schedule.

Stepping into Lineage Coffee in Notties is a sensory exercise in relaxation.

It is the ambient lighting that has been creatively combined with the large glass entrance doors as well as the lighting along the bench and door leading onto the courtyard that puts you at ease. The decor is uncluttered with clean lines and warm wood featuring alongside the embroidered and textured fabrics of cushions. The chairs alongside the entrance have the modern square minimalist shapes you would expect in a funky shop alongside the heating stove as well as the romantic style chairs around a small round table.

Lineage also sports a table and chair area that is definitive of the minimalist lines expected from Swiss style furniture next to the couch and coffee table area which is more retro. Climbing the architectural stairs, there are a couple of larger tables for bigger groups on a floating mezzanine with a view out of the glass doors and of the artwork on the walls below.

Architectural Decor

I am sure you will agree, music makes a big difference in atmosphere. I found myself humming along and singing a few words of the odd chorus. This for me indicates a good music setting 🙂 Not so intrusive that it takes over but familiar enough that you hum along and have your mood lifted.

Okay, so what about the the coffee????

The coffee beans are ethically sourced and purchased directly from the farms and the coffee I tried was a seasonal blend. The barista extracted the espresso and chatted with me while he texturised the milk. I then wondered around taking photos and looking at the art and when I turned the cuppaccino was alongside my camera bag in all its beauty awaiting me. A piece of art in it’s own right with webbed patterning on the foam to boot.

Coffee and Life : Cuppaccino


So how was the coffee? Really good. It was bright without being overextracted and had a silky mouth feel of really superbly texturised milk. I enjoyed the flavour incredibly. And apparently I am not the only one. I arrived an hour before closing time, but that didn’t seem to stop people arriving in two’s and three’s.

This is clearly a popular spot.

Also of note is that Coffee and Life serves light meals as well. So if you have the munchies, or just want to have a muffin with your coffee, you are in the right place.

Let’s admit, no one wants a life without coffee. I certainly wouldn’t be able to adult without it. It helps maintain the thing I call a sense of humour. So what better way to spend some time than combing the two things that make a person smile – Coffee and Life.

Until then, see you on the Road…

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