Its like being a child all over again!


I did my first colour run this year and had an absolute blast. I couldnt have imagined how happy having powdered colour thrown at you from left and right (and sometimes above) could make you want to laugh like a child.  Well it does for sure.

I arrived at Epworth School in Pietermaritzburg with the masses all bedecked in tutu’s, bunny ears, brightly coloured clothing, beads, necklaces and sun glasses. It looks like a cacophony of Madi Gras combined with fancy dress and pretty much has to get you smiling.



After having East Coast Radio warm everyone up with Cha Cha slides and grabbing some water at the Capitec tent I stop by for a photo at the Takealot booth with a Superhero post. Because somebody has to!



It is time to get going on the sunny colour adventure.

Lining up with cheerful masses at the start is good for your heart; so much cheer. People all around are already swashing colour powder through the air to fits of laughter and music. Its like happy fairy dust. A sea of smarties that have spilled out of their box count down the last seconds to begin the journey.

If you are happy to have colour on you, this is the place to get it. The various colour tunnels ensure that you are sufficiently covered from pretty much head to toe. My tip for beginners is keep you mouth closed. While the colour doesn’t taste great, its not going to kill you, but it also may be better not consumed without water to wash it down when it’s a hot day 🙂

The four colour tunnels are red, blue, green and orange. With very enthusiastic participants that I think are still trying to get colour out of clothes and their bodies.

For a quick preview, check it out….



Really, if you want to have a bit of fun, keep your eyes open for this race next year. Get your early bird tickets so you can get lots for your family and friends.

I am off now to go do the weekend…… Keep smiling folks.

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