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Sometimes you go through a rough patch. Or more than a patch. In my case, this year has been eventful but not the easiest. I am currently typing while nurturing a repaired shoulder after surgery, but life must go on. When you have faithful friends who help keep you ticking on, it makes things a lot less …. well grumpy.

And boy have I been grumpy. I have discovered pain can do that to you.

So my friends in their wisdom suggested we take a roadtrip to the Durban Botanical Gardens to go and enjoy a little laughter, music and some fine artisnal food and drinks.

Off we packed into the car and headed off to Durban for another adventure.


Festival Fun

Strolling through the lush greenery that is the Durban Botanical Gardens, you can hear music already reverberating through the palms and trees. On entering I am greeted by a Praying Mantis on stilts. But of course, what else would you expect? How do you pose for a photo with a Praying Mantis? It is not something I have put a great deal of thought into honestly. But pose I did anyway. Hey, its all part of the experience.

The food area is filled with people, food trucks, as well as delicious festival smells and the air buzzes with people trying to decide where to start and what to eat.  Just as busy are the craft beer, gin and rum stands. So much so that it is hard to define where a queue actually starts or ends. Many Pomegranate Gins, smooth rum Mojito’s, craft beers and ales are being carried out of this area to the Main arena or under the Umbrella bedecked Craft stage area.





Concert and Comedy


Heading through to the main arena the field is already filled with people on picnic blankets, camp chairs and enjoying the music. Some people express their happiness by throwing some pretty neat dance moves….including in the medical tent while awaiting any folks who may come through.

Even the Be-Stilted stalk and birdman have some pretty nifty dance moves, along with the belly dancer rolling her hips to Mafikizolo.



The weather was definitely not playing ball, with cold winds bringing in a nasty cold front. But it didn’t seem to bother Gangs of Ballet or the crowd very much at all.  Along with the crowds, we pulled up our spot on a bank and enjoyed the music and of course, the people watching. It is a most delightful pursuit. I am hardly one of those people that ticks the ‘normal’ box, but I just love watching all the different types of humans that there are. And what a great opportunity to do this, where bunches of humanity get together to celebrate.



Everybody’s favourite cuzzi, Barry Hilton, takes the stage and begins the ripples of laughter through the crowd. A true South African favourite, he managed to get the crowd through a couple of rain showers still chucking and diving for cover under blankets and brollies while the storm clouds seemed to gather from all directions. Folks are looking uncertainly at the skies while Barry finishes and exits the stage. Lightning surrounds the skies in the area and the raindrops started to spit from the clouds once again.

Then the announcement was made that due to the building inclement situation, Mango Groove would be unable to perform and people were asked to calmly leave the arena and head back to their vehicles.  It was a little sad, but in all honestly, we all know that safety comes first. For the people attending and those performing surrounded by electronic equipment.

What followed was most likely not what Gene Kelly had in mind when she did the ‘Singing in the Rain’ routine. Soaked to the very bone walking at pace through the gardens trying not to slip. Laughing and not entirely sure what to do and how to get dry we all managed to pile back into the car knowing that it was a trip to go down in the memory books.

So next time you have a friend that is going through a rough patch. Maybe cajole them into heading off on an adventure or a festival. Does wonders for the soul.

Thank you East Coast Radio and all the artists for putting together a great show. Maybe one day I will still get to see Mango Groove perform again.  Looking forward to it 😉


Until then…..see you on the road


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