Christmas Lunching on the Meander


Christmas Lunch is something that features very strongly in a lot of families and friends. People like to get together and celebrate their friendships , have some good food and beverages and relax. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, although some may prefer it this way. But the one thing about having a bunch of people over for an event is you have the clean up afterwards…..

If this is the thought lingering in the back of your mind, perhaps you would prefer to cruise out on the beautiful and pastoral Midlands Meander and have a Christmas lunch at one of the fine establishments, making the most of the variety offered (because everyone has different tastes), the beauty and the convenience.

In no particular order, ladies and gentleman, these are the fine establishments that have decided to stay open and offer Christmas lunch.

If you do plan to go however, please ensure that you book asap as seats are filling up.


Fern Hill Hotel

Set at the start of the Midlands Meander, this well known hotel serves up a delicious meal at the best of times and Christmas is no doubt going to be outstanding. Bookings are almost full, so if you want to get in on the fun, make a booking by contacting Steph on

Crossways Hilton

Located at the junction between Old Howick Road and HIlton Avenue, this is one of Hilton’s oldest establishments well known for its lively atmosphere and cold drinks.

Nottingham Road Hotel

Situated in Nottingham Road in the heart of the Midlands Meander, this is a firm favourite amongst the locals. ‘Notties’ always provides a tasty and solid meal as well as an ambient atmosphere. Being centrally situated on the Meander and makes for a convenient stop.

Brahman Hills

Along the Old Curry’s Post Road, like everything done at Brahman Hills, attention to detail is paramount. An elegant destination for some exquisite food in a fine dining atmosphere. The views are gorgeous and the service delivered with a smile. Book ahead of time if you are keen on a special experience and don’t forget to stop by the coffee shop for a yummy cappuccino afterward.

Rosetta Hotel

To be found on the R103, Rosetta, this is a lovely setting to drop by away from the maddening crowd. This establishment prides itself on providing lovely meals and I am sure that this celebration will be no different. Stop by for something a little different.

Mulberry Hill

Take a drive out to Mulberry Hill on the Curry’s Post Road with scenery that calms the soul. Famed for their delicious pancakes, Mulberry Hill are also known for their wholesome food, served with a smile. If you are interested in visiting though, contact Terry to book on 082 691 9064.

La Lampara

Located in Lidgetton with the prettiest views, this award winning restaurant serves up all kinds of delicious dishes with classic Italian hospitality and flair. The menu changes weekly to coincide with the freshest ingredients. Booking is highly recommended. To make a reservation contact Caroline Canderle on 0824160195 or email at

Hebron Haven

Located on the D128, in the Dargle area, this establishment has a long and interesting history. Trip Advisor rates the food and hospitality highly and promises a worthwhile experience. This is a well known stop on the Midlands Meander.

Hartford House

The only world class hotel set on a stud farm. Well known for its hospitality and its gorgeous vistas, Hartford House knows how to put up a first class meal too. Be sure to get your bookings in soon though.


This is by no means an exclusive or exhaustive list. If you do know of other places that are open, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog so that others reading can pick this up too.

I wish you a very safe and festive, festive season and all the best for you and your loved ones. Drive safe, keep all hands in the vehicle while driving and have a wonderful break.

Until then folks…..see you on the road.

15 thoughts on “Find Christmas Lunch on the Midlands Meander 2018”

  1. Love this list. I might not visit these places over Christmas, but so nice to know they exist! 2018 will be the year of the road trip!

    1. I have stayed at Antbear Lodge (in their gorgeously private, luxury ‘cave’ – try it!), and the memories of my time there and the AMAZING food still linger. Cannot recommend it highly enough…Give yourself time to explore and discover the amazing hand-carved, quirky wooden pieces that are everywhere. A treasure to be savoured – as is their food and gentle hospitality.


  2. I am celebrating my Xmas holidays this year in the Midlands. I read with interest your Find Christmas Lunch on the Midlands Meander for 2017. Do you perhaps have an updated list for Xmas Lunch for 2018? I am foreign to the area and would like some recommendations please. We are 5 adults.

    1. Hi Jakkie. I will be doing a post within the next few weeks for this. Keep a lookout for it on social media, or subscribe to my blog newsletter to get informed when it comes out.

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