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Where to find the Emerald Gecko

Finding the Emerald Gecko, now that it is open, is easier than you would think. Just head on over to 38 Hilton Avenue (the Jacaranda Center to some) and you will see if facing the street. Shading its deck is a great big tree that adds a touch of serenity to this relaxed space.

I sit with the Owner, Jonathan, to find out what inspired this space and the food along with it.

Emerald Gecko sign

The Why of Emerald Gecko

Jonathan grew up in the Seychelles with his sister and Mom where an average day included heading out into the deep blue ocean at dawn with friends and fishing all day until dusk signalled their return to shore.

To a large degree, this is what inspired his love of fresh food, which is part of the ethos for the restaurant that has now opened in Hilton. The other motivation lies in reuniting the family in one place after years of living in different time zones.

On visiting during a break, the family decided that upscaling a current business may be what could bring the family together and grow a thriving enterprise they would be proud of. On scanning the web Jonathan and his wife, Anke, found a local commercial property for rent in Hilton. The beginning of a plan took shape.

A location, a theme and a menu.

The plan to make slow, good food and make an ambient space where people can catch up and relax together started taking form. Jonathan was found bringing in wood from his farm in the Karkloof to create new pieces for this corner of the Seychelles. Large trees, wood and friends and family play important roles in society there, as well as at the Emerald Gecko.

Getting everything to spec took a while because a lot of the work was done by the family, but has clearly been worth it. The restaurant radiates the slow vibe they claim on social media where you can come in for a coffee and break from the pace, or bring your laptop and sink a great cappuccino or enjoy a meal with friends. Whichever situation you find yourself in, Emerald Gecko has your mood sorted.

What food fare is there?

The food follows two points. Good food made fresh and well. “It isn’t fancy food,” says Jonathan, “but it is food that we have had so many visitors come back time and time again in the Seychelles” and has been developed on the winning recipe of great taste and fresh produce with a strong Mediterranean influence.

Restaurant carb conscious breakfast

Fresh seafood and good tasty fare. Along with a menu that changes seasonally to what is available, I think this is going to be the recipe to their success. It is something that Jonathan and his family both know and do well.

Friendly service, easy ambience, great food, what is not to love?

So if you want to go have a slow experience with bags full of flavour and enjoyment, do yourself a favour and get around to the Emerald Gecko.

If you are keen to experience this breath of the Seychelles, for your booking call +27 (0)33 329 1026. They are open 07h00 to 19h00 Monday to Thursday and 07h00 to 20h30 Friday to Saturday. Sunday hours from 07h00 to 14h00.

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  1. An awesome experience – well worth a try and you will go back – friendly, relaxing and cuisine is awesome – see you soon Jonathan to try your prawn curry!

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