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Five things you will find at The Midlands Kitchen

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N3 exit 132, The Midlands Kitchen, Nottingham Road, KwaZulu-Natal


The Midlands Kitchen Entrance
The Midlands Kitchen Entrance


So imagine my surprise (the more shock, horror, gasp kind of surprise) when I found out about The Midlands Kitchen on facebook from someone else. What?! I missed something going on in my neighbourhood. Oi Vey!  My apologies peeps, I must be getting slow as I grow wiser.

Anyhow, I decided that this necessitated a speedy visit up the Midlands Meander.  And yet, while this planning was still afoot, an opportunity presented itself as a trip with a group of media gurus to go and see the lay of the land. It didnt take me long to be bouncing in my chair with the usual ‘pick me’ enthusiasm.

Believe it or not, there are 135 flavour bomb combo’s in this bustling food destination. Yes you heard me right! Boy oh boy do they cater for a variety of tastes. 15 Different kitchens, all putting out artisan food to make your tastebuds dance with joy.

The Midlands Kitchen : Chococcino
The Midlands Kitchen : Chococcino


The Five Things…

You need to know  before you go that there are Five things you will find at The Midlands Kitchen.


-Number 1 – Good food portions

They don’t play here. Come hungry. The food portion sizes are really good without being overly large. Bring your appetite.

-Number 2 – Variety of food

15 kitchens with 135 flavour combos. There is hardly more you could ask for.

– Number 3 – Tasty food

Keep your tastebuds happy. You can either mix and match, or you can settle on one Kitchen.

Either way, the food is all artisan.

No mass produced fare here. Locally sourced produce is also used as much as possible to keep the flavours and food as fresh as the Midlands air.

The Midlands Kitchen, Artichoke
The Midlands Kitchen, Artichoke


– Number 4 – Good prices

I expected the prices of the food to be a little on the heavy side. So I am going to say it (please don’t slay me for it), but traditionally if something is artisan….. you are going to pay a fair amount. Here though, it is good food with good prices. Really really exciting stuff.


The Midlands Kitchen : Platter
The Midlands Kitchen : Platter


– Number 5 – Good coffee

The very essence of why I love the Midlands. Yes, you have it. Decent coffee.  So you know I had to put a little coffee shout out in here. Exit 132 does a lovely cappuccino. A wonderful texturised milk with an aromatic coffee body. A super accompaniment to, well, any food really.


The Midlands Kitchen - Beef burger
The Midlands Kitchen – Beef burger



The Midlands Kitchen - Chicken
The Midlands Kitchen – Chicken


On top of these 5 things, you will also find a bustling atmosphere with friendly service. There are no shortage of staff to see to your culinary needs. The food also is out in a jiffy, which is fabulous if you have just popped in from the N3 on the way to somewhere. With the kitchen being open from 06h00 to 16h00 it caters to those wanting a leisurely brunch, lunch or late lunch as well as an afternoon treat.

Quite frankly, with the variety of food available, you could spend the whole day in The Midlands Kitchen.

If you want to keep up to date with delicious pics of their food you can find them on Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here), visit their website

Or you could go old school and call them on 033 266 7046.


The burning question remains. What did I eat? Well, I did a stint in the USA and I must admit, the first thing I was drawn to was the Mexican. So the beef burrito was my first option. It was delicious and I could definitely pick up the Mexican flair and freshness of flavours. I then sampled my first falafel (much to everyone’s amusement – ‘who hasn’t eaten a falafel before?’). It is so lovely to try something new and to find that you have a new favourite thing. What an adventure! I also tried mouthfuls of vegetarian food. While I do not think I could be entirely vegetariann, I would definitely like to try some more of that flavour packed food of this calibre if I have the chance again.

Ultimately, I think when it comes the The Midlands Kitchen, I doubt you could go wrong. My only regret was that I didn’t try the pizza. I clean forgot! But it looked so fantastic that I had to stop and take a photo on the way out.

The Midlands Kitchen - Pizza
The Midlands Kitchen – Pizza


So if you have a family group with loads of different flavour needs, a group of friends that is swanning around the Midlands, if you are on the way somewhere, want to recommend a good stop point for your Jozi friends, or just want to have a great food experience; I would highly recommend you take a break at this food destination. I really believe they are onto something here.


The Midlands Kitchen - Schwarma
The Midlands Kitchen – Schwarma


Oh! For the pet lovers, you can bring your furry friends to the outside section of The Midlands Kitchen and have lunch there too. You know it, they even thought about that. How lovely for those of us with furchildren.

You can already find the reviews on Eat Out as well as being rated as one of the Hottest new restaurants to try right now.

So perhaps you should take a stroll on by and try it out yourself? I know it was worth it. I guess the only question left it…..what will you try first?



Okay folks, so I am off in search of my next adventure. Until then; see you on the road……

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