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Introducing Flamme Rouge Cyle Cafe

A brand new alternative for your caffienated needs on the Midlands Meander; Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe is a new Cafe that has opened in Gowrie Village, Nottingham Road, which is located on KwaZulu-Natal’s fine Midlands area.

I find the concept of having a sport themed Cafe refreshingly different and asked Carrie (owner/manager) why this is the theme she chose.  Cary tells me that her mom used to do a lot of cycling and also had a coffee shop, so it was something she was comfortable with and wanted to combine these two passions to provide a convenient and comfortable place for people to stop off while cycling on route and enjoy some refreshment.

Or even just a spot for coffee lovers to congregate over a steamy cuppa joe.


Meanderings : Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe


It was actually Flamme Rouge’s Instagram account that first got my attention with their pictures of iced doughnuts with petite flowers decorating pastel shaded icing and lovingly poured cuppaccinos. One should know that breakfast seems like a rather pale option after you have seen this (be healthy they said, it will be good for you they said).

Walking into Flamme Rouge is just the start of the refreshing experience. Clean lines and cool colours welcome you with a combination of fresh flowers and large windows onto the view.


Meanderings : Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe

Where is Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe?

There is a seating area with large window spaces where you can gaze out of the onto the green terraces of Gowrie Village in Nottingham Road on the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Meander.  Here you can contemplate your hot or cold beverage and life in general at your leisure.

Whether that includes the thought of how lucky you are to be sitting in a beautiful space with blue skies above you and green grass around you, is entirely up to you.

It just so happens to be an easy space to pop your laptop or tablet and catch up on some news or work while the pencils will be inviting for the little ones  (or the young at heart) to get creative with the colouring books.


Meanderings : Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe


The luminescent couch looks onto the fireplace area and is alongside the tables near the entrance. It makes me wonder when the mist rolls in across the surrounding hills whether this wouldn’t be the perfect place to tuck in for a good cappuccino with a novel and get lost in this easy going space for a while.


Meanderings : Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe


Meanderings : Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe


What can I get at Flamme Rouge?

You can stock up on some cycle gear here with the likes of socks, cycle shirts and nutrition to make sure you can get yourself to where you are going. Or if you are in the mood, just a souvenir of your trip to this trendy spot.

Aside from the various forms of coffee brewed with Terbodore beans, the snacks at Flamme Rouge look temptingly tasty and, although I didn’t get to grab a muffin, or some bread or cake on this trip; I will be sure to come back and try some of this out.


It looks deliciously delectable and entirely droolworthy.


Meanderings : Flamme Rough Cafe


Not only is this a convenient place to stop if you are on a cycle route, but it happens to be a pretty nifty place to stop if you just want a great place to chill out and get a great cuppa java.

The tunes are good, the ambience chilled and the vibe is refreshing.  So if you are keen to get a slice of happiness, then rack up your bicycle (or park your vehicle) and stop by and pick up some at Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe.

Stalk them on their Instagram account (click here) or on their Facebook page (click here) and then be sure to treat yourself to a Midlands Meander drive and a visit to their shop.  Because getting out there is good for you 🙂


Meanderings : Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe


Until then…..see you on the road!


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