The Guide to getting Breakfast out on the Midlands

Caroline B Cooney said ‘Breakfast was only worth having when somebody else made it for you.‘ She is certainly smart. I love making breakfast though. But that being said, it has to be one of the simple joys of life being able to savour breakfast somewhere pretty in at your own pace (even more so when someone else has made it).

So where can you find a good breakfast when wandering around the Midlands?

Well, to be certain, if you have a Park Run, you have some kind of place with food nearby (true story!). Exercise undoubtedly improves your life quality in a number of ways, so it is good to engage oneself and take part. Why not do so in an easy going atmosphere with some decent scenery and a bunch of other people too? But as a good friend of mine says, ‘I’m all about incentive training‘. There is certainly nothing wrong with knowing you have a decent breakfast after you have had some fresh air and exercise.

 So let’s get to it.

If you are keen on doing the Park Run, there are two on the Midlands Meander. One at Brahman Hills and the other at Piggly Wiggly. So if you are enjoying the air outside and wildlife at Brahman Hills, you can get a great choice in breakfast at The Windmills Kitchen and you can take your pet with 🙂

Flamme Rouge in Nottingham Road cater to some great coffee and a healthy breakfast (as well as some great treats)

Just down the road, there is a lovely family atmosphere restaurant that caters to families and is a well known institute in Nottingham Road, Cafe Bloom.

The next Park Run is at Piggly Wiggly, which offers a couple of breakfast options as well as some other shops to browse while you, your pet and your kids are occupied.

Piggly Wiggly has some great options for breakfast. Make sure you are okay with a bit of a wait. It is a popular place to grab breakfast.

The Greenery is at the same destination and offers some healthy treats in the form of freshly squeezed cold pressed juice as well as additional options.

Eat at Andrews has been open six weeks and is already turning heads. Five minutes from Piggly WIggly, past the capture site this stop is a well known reputation for restaurants flourishing. Check out this friendly destination for freshly sourced food that is also local.

If you are running, walking or just cruising the Dusi Park Run in Pietermaritzburg, you will undoubtedly need some breakfast afterwards. Pietermaritzburg has a number of great places to do this.

Sagewood Cafe is a delicious stop and will provide a worthy and plenty tasty breakfast. You have options from cold pressed juices, to small meals and full on farm style breakfasts.

Essence Cafe is well known in Pietermaritzburg for providing great meals and often good entertainment. Whiling away a morning here is very easy to do. Stock up on your energy here and walk off smiling.

The Daily Coffee Cafe is freshly opened at the Liberty Mall (located in Phase 3) and is serving up fresh options for meals and breakfasts. It is a friendly space too, the staff are eager to please. It also helps that if you have things to do at Liberty Mall, it is a convenient place to be for breakfast.  So stop in and refuel. You deserve it.

The Daily

So, now you have some great incentive for getting out there and doing some training. Walking has been proven to be good for your health and so is running. But not only this, there are other benefits. You are spending time outdoors, spending time with friends or family and getting your health up. Good on you! Look at you go!

Now go and get that breakfast.

Until then….See you on the road!

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  1. Just came across your blog on SA Bloggers network – such a good article! I really love the Midlands.. haven’t been there in a few years but I’m so keen to come back sometime soon with my husband:)

  2. We will have to check your blog before coming to Durban again – don’t want to miss out on all these experiences 🙂

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