Summer is coming.

The Rains are slowly putting in an appearance and sizzling on our dry and thirsty earth. While more is definitely needed, it is a relief to see storms and inclement weather arriving to make an attempt at strangling out the drought.  On one such beautiful day with azure skies and puffs of white clouds I happily traipsed along the curvatures of the Midlands Meander to check in at some of my favourite haunts.

I decided that I need something cold and delicious and maybe even nutritious to make me smile. I have seen the pictures and had friends prompting me to investigate what it is all about. Yes, I am talking about The Greenery Juice Cafe.  This Cafe has been juicing up a storm at the Piggly Wiggly stop for about six months and has some staunch support already.  It’s not hard to see why.

The airy cafe sits among the growing vines and lends an air of being on an Italian vineyard. It also means that there is a whole lot of greenery surrounding the Cafe which does make one want to just linger a little longer.


The Greenery Juice Cafe


The Greenery Juice Cafe


What to Eat/Drink

I have visited the Greenery’s Instagram account when I was first curious to see what they were about. It turns out its not just juice. Juice is what they make their name on (and for good reason), but there are also breakfasts and some yummy food that you try here. For example, after a Parkrun at Piggly Wiggly, you can pop in for a healthy juice or breakfast without breaking your diet or your bank account.



Greenery Menu


As you can see, there are all sorts of delicious meals that you can tuck into. But today I was here for a juice. I decided on my namesake ‘The Carmen’. In Spanish, this means A Song. The apple and ginger were definitely refreshing and had my tastebuds singing as I sipped down the cold liquid.  It kind of reminds me of someone in a desert scene, parched and needing hydration. When handed a jug of water the scene goes into slow motion while the person gulps the water down splashing it everywhere at the same time with absolute satisfaction. It is kind of like that. But without the slow motion. And the extra splashing.


The crisp apple bounces with the zest of the ginger with a kick afterward leaving you smiling. The weird thing is (for a person who likes to actually chew their food) that I didn’t get hungry quickly like I thought I would.

Nutritious and delicious.


Under the vines



Fresh Produce


Location Situation

The Greenery has a really great vibe. The staff are super friendly and accommodating with loads of smiles to give away.  Most of the seating is outside, under cover and open air under the vines. It has a lovely laid back feeling where it would be easy to visit with friends and family for a while. I look forward to going back to grab a breakfast bagel and enjoying a visit with friends after a Parkrun or on a Meander trip.

In the meantime, I plan to follow their Instagram account and drool over the pictures 🙂


Snacks to buy


Flowers to make you smile



I hope to see you there.


Until then…..see you on the road!

4 thoughts on “The Greenery Juice Cafe”

  1. Whoa! That Chocolate Velvet Smoothie sounds amazing. Wow. I have got to try that ??

    This seems like a great place to visit on a road trip. Would love to visit in the new year.

    Love the read.

  2. Lovely article and pics. The Greenery is quiet and secluded, and wonderful to be in among the vines. My favorite salad is the Hallo Loumi salad, and The Citrus is the only juice I drink, but you have to love ginger.

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