The Guide to Finding your Balance


It’s that time of year. Well, maybe even a bit past it. You start feeling cranky a lot faster than usual,you want to stay indoors away from people and you are almost certain your last nerve is feeling overly tetchy. I remember hearing the expression ‘Feeling stretched, like too little butter over a slice of toast’ and loving it. Nobody likes dry toast or feeling stretched beyond their capability.

I am fairly certain there is a lot that contributes to this. Noise pollution, social media noise, business, hard work, poor health, Winter, lack of holiday, Winter, cold, Winter. Well, you get the picture. So I took to social media to ask a question. “What do you do to find balance in your life?” The initial lack of response was quite telling. Not much balance to go around it seems.

So I rephrased with some options and got an improved response. I thought I would share this with you. Maybe you feel your life could use some of these? In order of popularity here are the choices with some comments…


Finding Balance in your life


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Getting outdoors into nature

This is the top ranking option. I do agree to be honest. For me, taking a walk in the forest and hearing birds singing and leaves rustling while putting some fresh oxygen in my lungs is a regular reprieve. You don’t have to hike to the top of the escarpment to get your nature fix. It can be spending 15 minutes on a patch of lawn, taking a walk in the park, finding some rolling hills to sit and stare at, watching the ocean or walking barefoot on the beach.

It has been proven to improve your mood. Go on, give it a go!

@caltrav1971 ~ “Breaking away from technology to either run on the trails or to take some time out to kick a ball or play a board game with my boys”


Doing something creative that yields a product

This is something that has an immense effect on me. Whether it be painting something, mosaics, photography, drawing, or learning a recipe to cook or bake. There are so many things you can do that won’t break the bank but will inspire you. So think about it. What excites you? Go out and use your hands to make something…


Edith ~ “Gardening, making wood furniture and diy projects”


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This is a surprisingly popular choice. I think for obvious reasons if you look at the health benefits. This is honestly one of the things that gives my mind a break. To be able to focus on the rhythm of the run, the technique of weight lifting, the joy of being outdoors and the improved health that this brings make me a more centered and happy person. I seem to eat healthier, sleep better and generally am in a better mood.

And it seems it is not just me. Health practitioners will tell you that doing some form of exercise for 20 minutes just three times a week will make a big improvement in your life.

So what are you waiting for… go get em!


Timothy ~ “I (game and) golf”

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Taking time to dream

This is something we don’t do a lot of as grownups. I think it is an important factor in our lives that is often missing. Whether it be taking time to think crazy, or just to stretch your mind a bit, why not take a little time to relax and think about your dreams. Shoot for the stars, if you miss, you will still land in the clouds 😉

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Getting out of your everyday routine

Do something that takes you out of your normal routine. Learn something new, go somewhere you don’t normally go. You would be surprised how refreshing it can be taking a roadtrip out of your everyday scene, or learning a new skill. It doesn’t have to be something huge, or even something expensive. Just take baby steps. Go for a picnic to the park and make your own snacks. Or go camp somewhere for a night. Or learn how to paint pottery. There are lots of options to add a bit of a refreshing breeze to your life.


Gerhardt ~ “I’ve recently taught myself to make and play the Native American flute. It’s so rewarding and the sound the flute makes calms my soul.”

Good time management

Tick tock! One of the things I could do better and one of the things that really helps is solid time management. It takes time to plan and to do this and often this is the reason people don’t do it. But once you have a plan, it will save you time and anxiety. Of course not everything can be planned. But having an idea to run to will make a huge difference.


Taking a social media break

One of the biggest distractions and time gobblers is social media. There is no doubt that it has a huge impact on the world, for good and often for quite the opposite. But, lets be honest, it is a part of our lives and is here to stay. So to make sure you are giving yourself enough breathing time from the noise pollution that social media can become… consider scheduling some time during your day or week away from the screens.

You may be surprised to find there is life beyond Social. ~ “Social media switch off. Nothing gets me back into rhythm like a good break from the screens.”


Kavish ~ “Try taking a break from social media the first hour of the day and the last – it’s a game changer.”



I hope that this has given you some food for thought and maybe a reminder of something you enjoy doing. I certainly realise that there are some things I need to factor into my life more regularly to create some balance and rest.


What is your way of bringing balance to your life?


Until then… See you on the Road!


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