Heart of a Ranger

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I wrote briefly about a rather unique experience I had in Timbavati recently in Rhino Dreaming in Timbavati.  Well, the time has come to expound on that a little with an absolute treat which I hope sincerely that you will share with your friends and family to bring about more awareness about how desperate this situation with our Rhino actually is.


Firstly to those involved…

The Rangers who daily put their lives on the line to be the final barrier in protecting our Wildlife and our precious Rhino.  Yes. Ours.  It is our country, our soil, our lifeblood that is being bled dry for a fallacy.  The rangers go through many hardships while on patrol just to keep our wildlife safe.  Without them, it would all truly be a DREAM. Something put in a Disney movie for future generations to contemplate.  Orlat and Anton, you have left an indelible impression on my life.

The Owners at Timbavati Private Nature Reserve who do their utmost to make sure that the watch keeps going, the wildlife is monitored, the land is cared for and the Rangers are supplied with what they need to keep fighting the fight.

Rooftop Productions and the crew that worked with us in the field and behind the computers to produce this beautiful piece of art.

Leads 2 Business who made this project possible with the donations given.


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Secondly, a reminder of what we are trying to save.

According to a press release by Timbavati “We lost the Western black Rhino in 2011 with the primary cause identified as poaching and if the killing continues at this rate, we could see rhino deaths overtaking births in as early as 2016-2018, meaning rhinos could go extinct in the very near future. Our rhino are critically endangered with over 90% of the world’s rhino population living in South Africa.  This is a fight where we as South Africans need to take a stand.”

It is true to say that Rhino are not the only animals in trouble, but their numbers are diminishing so rapidly that it is clear where the forefront of the battle lies.  Recently in social media South Africans took the education fee increase down with #feesmustfall across social and digital media.

I think we sometimes hear about the numbers, see the violence that is being carried out and are desensitised by it.  Are we so used to crime in our country that we do not defend those that cannot defend themselves? I attach some pictures of Timbavati, the beautiful and rich bounty that our land stands to lose…


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Yes, there are many places this is taking place.  Yes, this is but one place.  But wasn’t it Edmund Burke who said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


This video, which shares the heart of a Ranger, is our effort at spreading awareness.  Please watch it. Feel free to comment, share, like… but please do spread it.

Let’s help stop this!  #poachingmustfall



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