The escape to the Bush you didn’t know about.

I know it is somewhere near Hilton. I know it is near the ‘bush’. Prior to visiting The Hilton Bush Lodge, that was about all I knew about this hidden gem.

So off I drive in my trusty Fiesta on a increasingly humid afternoon with clouds amassing in the sky above me. I turn left onto the D534 before Hilton College and discover, to my surprise, that some of the road is now tarred. The amount of residential development in the area has increased, but still does not spoil the atmosphere of being out in the country. 

The escape to the Bush you didn’t know about

I head past some horses and a zebra (what is that doing there?) and a small aircraft landing strip and approach the entrance of the Lodge. You definitely know when you have arrived. A concrete path heads through the acacia trees and verdant grass. You immediately have a smile on your face because you have the sense that you are in a game reserve and this is always a very special experience for me. Being close to nature definitely straightens out the kinks that life’s stresses puts into one from the day to day grind.


The Lodge is entered via a secure entrance and you can park at reception to book in. While appreciating the indigenous garden and landscaping I walk down the ramp to look at the Meeting room used for conferences. This looks like a refreshing way to get some serious business done in a neat, natural and well-equipped space. The Hilton Bush Lodge is well known for hosting small weddings and is listed on the Marriage Meander directory. If the photos are anything to go by, it would make a day filled with extraordinary memories for the bride that chooses to be here.

I settle in at the room and marvel at the view from the deck. It’s like a tall drink of relaxation. Lush, thick, tangled bush drops into the Umgeni Valley below and I can hear water cascading over rocks. On closer inspection from the deck I am delighted to see peeping through the trees, a waterfall view in the valley. What a place to sit and relax over a coffee or cold beverage.

Deck view
The Hilton Bush Lodge – Bush paradise found

 it would make a bride extremely happy to be here

I receive a call from my bestie to say she has arrived with my godson and I allow her access from the remote and head up to say hi. It is the first time that Jack is coming along for an outing with me and I am ever so grateful that the Lodge is small pet friendly.

Jack takes a walk with us and explores some of the bush and noses around the garden while I admire the key shaped pool. After a quick dip (who can resist on a hot Summer’s day), I observe the suns reflection off the bark of the trees and the stark contrast with the moody sky, while the clouds on the horizon grow increasingly more bruised.

Kirst and Jack
Deck views for days

The luxury rooms are junior suites comfortably furnished with a lounge area with couches and a rustic table. There is a fridge, kettle, coffee supplies and some plates and cutlery as well as a microwave. The Hilton Bush Lodge is a little different in that you can bring your own food to heat up in the microwave or order from their ready prepared meals menu.  However, if you choose to dine out in the area, there are a few places to try out in the surrounds such as Teachers (at Garlington), Vans Diner, Artisan Pizza, Jaxx, Taste of Thai and Crossways; all based in Hilton. We settle in with some food and wine and recline on the very comfortable couches.


Did I mention the abundant bush surrounding the suites and Lodge in general? I am fairly certain all that green not only relaxes the eyes, but makes you take deeper breaths of freshly oxygenated air. Also to mention that I find there is nothing quite like sitting and listening to the crickets, frogs and nightlife coming alive as the sun sets in the bush with a vista of nothing but nature, trees and a waterfall (which you can walk to, should you want to do so). With sounds like that, you can be assured a great nights rest at Hilton Bush Lodge.


like viewing immense dragons flying high in the clouds breathing out shafts of light across the night sky

For me, it was the opportunity afforded to me to watch an electric storm light up the sky, while hearing the wind rush through the trees, that was a marvelous treat. Being able to watch it from the comfort of the deck was so special. It was like viewing immense dragons flying high in the clouds breathing out shafts of light across the night sky. Absolutely spectacular!

View from Lounge

If you are looking at a breakaway for a night, a relaxing weekend stay or somewhere to stay for a business trip, I would highly recommend this well-appointed Lodge. Also, I could personally happily attend a meeting held at this venue. I think all the nature surrounding me would definitely fire up my brain cells and creativity. #Justsaying. If you are a bride looking for a wedding that has a truly South African bush feel to it. You need look no further. This could very well be the spot for you!

You can get in touch with The Hilton Bush Lodge on 27 33 004 0033 or For any wedding enquires you can call the same number or email

Sunset view

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Until then…..See you on the Road!

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