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Sometimes we forget to be kind.

Kindness. It is certainly is something I appreciate when shown to me. But that being said, it is sometimes lacking in my behaviour towards others.

Love. A four letter word that is much spoken and sung of, but potentially one of the most thought about and often misunderstood emotions and indeed action throughout the ages. Love is an action isn’t it. It can’t just be a word. Probably because love isn’t always easy or convenient. Love isn’t always comfortable, warm and fuzzy. It is sometimes… hard to give and a compromise to how we ‘feel’ and what we want. But at the heart of that is a truth. To give of ones self when not expecting a return is a kind of love that is not commonly seen or experienced in our immediate return, push button, instant gratification society. It goes against the odds. It defies the principles that many of us have had drummed into our years.

But I digress….

This is not a story about love.


Who doesn’t love a good story? The success of books, theatre and movies are proof of this throughout the ages. Why? I think it has something to do with escapism, while allowing us to connect with our emotions in the relative safety of our own imagination and sometimes challenging the way we think.


But in all the story telling, the individual stories around us day to day, sometimes being the most heroic, heart rending and inspiring can be missed for all the big Hollywood productions. Perhaps because it is too real, which means we may have to invest something of ourselves. Perhaps it comes in a way or form to which we are not accustomed and we shy away from it. Perhaps it is in a form that we don’t know how to interpret or feel about. If I look at all those reasons, I remember sitting in art class at school … much of what I learnt about art with all its different ages and genres matches perfectly to these thoughts. It challenged me. Check. It came in forms I was not always comfortable with. Check. Often I didn’t have a clue how to feel about it or interpret it. Check.


But the great thing about it was it created conversation. I didn’t have to agree with it. But I should think about it and maybe in doing so, expand my horizons and learn new things.


So I hope to take on a project soon that tells some stories that I would like to share with you. It may not come in the form you expect. But hey. All I ask is that you look. If you like, you are welcome to comment. If you feel you enjoy, you are welcome to share it. But please remember that you are looking at the art of someone’s life. The art of another person’s story.
Maybe in this experience there will be something we can learn. Let’s take a look at some of the stories and how they unfold….

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