Right, so you think I have lost the plot (was there ever a plot?….let’s be honest here).  With a Title like that a lot of you are thinking ‘click bait’. To which I lament ‘not true’, and here is why…


Josie Field

is a wonderfully talented South African singer and songwriter who could charm anyone (and possibly anything) with her dulcet tones. Her voice is both haunting and soulful at the same time. It transports you to places you haven’t been before, but that feel strangely familiar.  I honestly had not heard Josie perform before, but count myself among the lucky to have seen a performance live.

Ably supported by local artists in the form of Bianca Santoro whose lilting voice enchants you from the moment she starts singing and Aymira who could play anywhere and have a crowd tapping their feet in no time; the crowd were happily able to while away the afternoon in great musical company.


Meanderings : Josie Field live


Swissland Cheese goats


With plenty of open picnic place; goats (along with cute little kids frollicking in the pens) and views into the hills accompanied by the perfect picnic making cheeses –  why would you want to be anywhere else for a picnic celebration?  Children were having an absolute blast taking the zipline while some adults (myself included) were wondering how they could sneak a quick slip down the line.  Other kids (the human kind) entertained one another with cricket and soccer balls and the like, while the adults recline in a most social manner on picnic blankets and camp chairs. Some seasoned picnicers even had bean bags and tables with cute red and white checked tablecloths (we all know that checkered cloth is a true indicator of how experienced you are at picnicing).


SA music + Swissland Cheese + Spring Day = Hit


Yes friends, there you have it. A lovely midlands destination on a beautiful spring day with a picnic basket full of goodies and superb company to top it off, while listening to the likes of Josie Field, Aymira and Bianca Santoro had me firmly propped in my happy place.


For all the things we have in our wonderful land, this surely has to be one of the things us South Africans do the best – making the most of our beautiful resources.  What better time to get out than Spring?  As I watched the families, couples, children and friends enjoying the music, picnic baskets filled with food and wine, I was most pleased to have been invited to this event. Have you looked into some of the goings on in our fair Midlands? To be fair, it is not the only place to be. But to be honest, it is a superb place to be 🙂


Meanderings : Kilo


Thank you to the Artists who performed for the crowd (who saw the afternoon out dancing to the last rays of sun of the weekend). Thank you to Swissland Cheese for putting such an enjoyable event together. I know I am not alone in hoping there will be more such events in the rolling hills of the Midlands in the future.


Find more about Josie Field at her website http://www.josiefieldmusic.co.za

Find out more about Aymira on Facebook

You can find more about Bianca Santoro on Facebook


If you are looking for more information on how to get to Swissland Cheese or what they do, you can visit their website at www.swisslandcheese.net.


Meanderings : Josie Field live


Until the next time folks, see you on the road…

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  1. What a great way of explaining the day! From all of us at Swissland Cheese we thank everyone for making the effort to brave the windy and bumpy road and hope that it was well worth it. We look forward to seeing you all soon✨

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