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Kamdun Lodge Kamberg Valley

What does Peace sound like? A friend asks me. That is a very good question. I would imagine it is different for everyone. To me, it is the sounds of nature, blue skies and an unimpeded period of time to do with what I wish.

Rumbling rivers, the wind sighing through trees while loosing adventurous rust coloured leaves, unobstructed views of the mountain range was what turned out to make for a peaceful weekend. This combined with a crackling fire, comfy couches, good food and solid rest are factors of an equation to relax I believe.

I know I write a fair amount about ways to relax, but let’s be honest. At the pace life is lived, no one seems to get enough of this elusive concept. Demands on our time, coupled with work and a world of constant media interruptions make it hard to be able to ‘just relax’. Usually doing so means that you are giving up time doing something else.

However sometimes this is just what you need to do. Grab a couple of friends, or family, or loved one and just get away. Break the routine. Get out of your normal living space. I find that often that in itself needn’t be something that is costly, but just breaking with the same places you live in normally can help tremendously in refreshing you, providing perspective and giving you a sense of gratitude for your life and what it entails.


Where is it?

40 Km from Nottingham Road, take the Highmoor Nature Reserve Road and drive for about 3,5 kilometres and turn down the signposted road. Kamdun Lodge is located on 26 hectares of land with river frontage on the Mooi River which is good for trout fishing and (in Summer) tubing and swimming. Plain trees dot the property and provide shade and beautiful carpet of yellow and rusty red leaves in autumn.


Kamdun Lodge


What is it?

Kamdun Lodge is a 12 sleeper homestead that will ensure you are comfortable. Friends and family can all fit in here with space to spare. A kitchen with most everything you need including views of the mountain and buck in the field alongside. A bar for those cold winter nights, alongside the fireplace which will have you mesmerised while enjoying long conversations or a book into the evening while keeping cozy.

Couches with reading lamps and views for days! A lovely way to while away some time if the weather isn’t playing ball. Also making sure there is lively conversation, there is a large table for dinners and lunches.




What can I expect?

The sound of peace. Honestly. At night the stars are like jewels that someone spilled onto black velvet. I didn’t manage to spot a shooting star, but that’s okay, my wish had been granted anyway. The sound of the river lulls you through the day and night, which is like natures mantra to ears that have listened to far too much city noise.

A river walk is a must and if you are a fan of fly fishing, there are pools and riffles that could keep you smiling for a long time.

Kamdun Lodge River walk


Picnicking on the lawn is a great way to enjoy both nature and the company of others, or reading on the trampoline. Braai on the porch, or enjoy lazing on the chairs in the sun.

You can also take a walk over to Fat Harrys to grab a bite to eat or a drink or just a stroll in a beautiful area.

Generally speaking, if you want to find rest (and some peace), you need to actually relax. Spend some time doing nothing, or as close to it as you can get. Spend time in nature, around those that make you laugh. Kamdun Lodge is the perfect place to do this.

The rates are really reasonable which makes it the perfect getaway. Check them out at their website and Facebook and diarise a spot for yourself before it is too late and you become all uptight and stressed.

You will definitely thank me later.


Kamdun Lodge porch


Where can I find Information?

Facebook pageKamdun Lodge

Website – http://www.kamdunlodge.co.za/

Enquiries / reservations email info@kamdunlodge.co.za


Owner – Barbara Whiting  –  Cell: 083 225 3053 Tel:  031 9140966 (w) 031 916 1177 (h)


Until then… See you on the Road!

Kamdun Lodge views


This post was done in collaboration with Kamdun Lodge. All opinions expressed as purely my own.

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