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Sir Richard Branson, Are you Game for Karkloof Safari Spa?

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Dear Sir Richard Branson,

Really, it comes down to one question you need to answer…

Are you game for Karkloof Safari Spa?

I believe you have been done an injustice and feel that I should point it out to you. You are a man of a great many experiences who seemingly appreciates beautiful things and has certainly had a hand in starting some amazing things, so I believe you will definitely feel that this experience is of importance. My opinion is that it would match up with your best experiences in uniqueness and quality.

I call it Karkloof Safari Spa.

I know you don’t know me that well (actually not at all), but sometimes those people outside your circle of friends are the ones who see things the clearest and can be objective. When I was at Karkloof Safari Spa this weekend, I didn’t see your name in the Visitors Book.  Now I understand, you being famous and all, you may have used a pseudonym – but I couldn’t take that chance. I really have to tell you.

You see, I know your birthday is coming up in July and I think with all your running around, you kind of need some down time. Time to relax, let people spoil you, be pampered and time to be taken care of a bit.

I saw a tweet that you posted today  “why you should take a break – and don’t feel guilty about it“. Well, I have to tell you, this 5 Star luxury Spa is just the place to take that break.


And here is specifically Why

The Wildlife


My story begins at our collection point at reception in a 4 x 4 game drive vehicle and with a chance encounter with a male Nyala who was as surprised as me to come almost eyeball to eyeball as I left the building. We pull off while commenting that the view looks much like the beginning of the Jurassic Park movie with rolling green mountains and mist spilling over into a valley encircled by trees.

As soon as our game guide can get a word in, he indicates toward the herd of zebra and plenty warthog which are very suspicious about why we are choosing the same path as them. The pricking of Impala ears can be witnessed while a Jackal moves through the Wildebeest herd that lie and stand haphazardly in the long grass chewing the cud.

We continue on climbing up the windy road to another plateau where Nyala and Impala share a field, serenely watching us pass by. A young Warthog mum trots by with her four little ones trying to corral them into some type of orderly row with only marginal success while the game guide comments that the white fur along their cheekbones mimics tusks to make them look more formidable.


Soon we arrive at the Spa, camouflaged by the trees and greenery, thatch and wood; merging into the bush like an elusive mirage. A Nyala male eyes us out as if he has imagined us. But happily, this is no dream…


The Food


A person really can’t get down to the business of relaxing without a serious cup of coffee and some food in your tummy (or is it just me?). We are guided to the restaurant where the chef smiles his way through our menu choice and indecision for the continental breakfast. The presentation is as pretty as a picture while you make sure your energy levels will not be flagging (relaxation is business here).

There is a lunch menu available to you too if you are staying the day and you can select what it is you want to eat before you leave so that you can ensure you relax during treatment.

Nature enfolds you in her embrace while you listen to birds sing, beetles hum and crickets chirrup all while the sound of water seems to whisper softly throughout the spa.


The Spa


On our entrance we are handed menu’s for the different treatments available. Literally from the follicles on your head to the the pinky toe on your foot. While it may not be possible to achieve everything in one day, you can most certainly cover most things. Sai was my Thai masseuse for the day. Her serene presence is very calming and (my goodness) she is strong for such a diminutive lady.

Right throughout the immersive experience with aromatherapy scents in the air and fish eagles calling outside the door while the breeze breathes passed, I feel most fortunate to be here.

I choose a unique Thai Poultice massage to begin with. It is a selection of Thai herbs warmed in a muslin poultice and dabbed on the body in a kneading action. This is followed by a massage to get rid of the tension, ease out the knots and get the blood flowing again.

Enveloped in the peacefulness of natures conversation and the aroma’s of the oils, the facial commences. It just smells so darn good. The layers of tiredness are removed, nourishment restored and moisture infused through the different processes. When you rise afterward, you feel almost like you are in a dream state.

The hydrotherapy  room has extensive facilities. A heated pool bubbles invitingly with smaller pools at its foot looking into the trees and across the valley. The smaller pools are chilled and heated water which aid the circulation and bloodflow in the body when alternated. There are Saunas and Steam rooms and outside deck chairs where you can relax, or couches and wingback chairs stylishly furnished with cushions. It is a good time to relax and drink some chilled water and contemplate the majesty of nature.

Next thing I know, Sai is smiling and saying it is time for my last treatment. A hot oil head and scalp massage. Oooooh yes please! The smell of toasted coconut fills my senses and I drift off into Wonderland while my body is further nourished and cared for.


 Karkloof Spa hydration room



You see, Sir Richard Branson, it is not only me that thinks this place is fabulous and an incredibly unique experience. South Africa has untold luxury and wonderful experiences. The attention to detail, exclusive treatment and serene nature of this Spa are all well spoken of in the Trip Advisor ratings. I mean, even CNN Travel rates them in the Top Ten in the World for Luxury Safari experiences (really, check it out here). So, it’s not just me.

I think that you should take a look at the video and see that it is quite something to behold. You can even sing ‘Happy Birthday to me’ while you are booking your stay. And then, when your friends ask what you did on your Birthday… you can say “Ï once had a spa day in Africa” (oh come on, I know you want to ;-)).

If you want to get in touch with Karkloof Safari Spa, you can find more info here http://karkloofsafarispa.com/luxury-day-spa-experiences.

Since you will be in KwaZulu-Natal, you can take a whirlwind tour of all the lovely places we have locally. Because “Local is Lekker”.

I look forward to hearing your story…..


Until then….See you on the Road



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