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I am fortunate enough to encounter some interesting people.  It is said that variety is the spice of life. Well if that be the case, I must live in spice city.  My trip into the world of anti poaching with the Rhino’s in Timbavati led me to just such a connection.



On working with the Timbavati crew on the anti poaching video and the blog post thereafter, I happened upon some amazing folks who shared my blog post across Facebook.   Of the people that did this, one certainly stood out.  So passionate is she about the plight of the rhino, that she has tattooed it as a story on her body.  I made contact with Paula Kruger who was kind enough to give me an interview about her artwork.


Meanderings : Hope


What was your first exposure to tattoos?

When I was young I got my very first Tattoo of a Dolphin, 



Why this form of art and storytelling?

It shows more people out there how you feel and it shows that I am not afraid of showing my feelings; because I know I can carry a memory with me for as long as I live and that memory will always be a story to tell to people to help in awareness.


Who has influenced you most when it comes to tattoos?

There hasn’t been anyone that influenced me when it comes to tattoos, it was something that I decided to use as a expression point.


What is the story behind your tattoo?

My Rhino tattoos are there to raise awareness, I believed that more people see the true looks of what they look like then people will ask questions and it turned out to be just like that.  More people see the Rhino tattoos and ask questions and ask how they can join in a cause for awareness. It has also reached people on a level where they have decided to get Rhino tattoos as well.


Meanderings : Ithemba

How many tattoos do you have?

I have 9 tattoos in total..


Do you prefer colour or black?

Both. The colour ones are my more emotional tattoos as they show the true meaning and happenings of the cause…


Do you prefer words or pictures?

I prefer pictures, the pictures show emotion and affection.


Who is the artist?

Roy Chapman from Chapmans Tattoos & Art Studio, he is the best. He is based in Lynnwood Pretoria.


So how do you choose to tell your story?  Is it in ink, or as the Rhino’s are doing…. in blood.  South Africa has now lifted the ban on the sale of rhino horn.  Where do you weigh in on this topic?  Feel free to comment….


See you on the road….


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