The Midlands Meander is inspiring!

Driving along the patchwork pastures and through tree lined avenues seemingly takes the carbon dioxide out of your stressful life and fills it with fresh, pure oxygen to revitalise your soul.



The Start of a Midlands Day


Meanderings : Granny Mouse vista
Mouse House views



Meanderings : early morning Midlands rail
Early morning Midlands rail


Taking an early morning drive is a great way to relax and really appreciate the views. Early morning sunlight slicing through the mist that is pouring into the valley mingling with a mellow strain on the radio, tickles the stress from your shoulders and leaves you in an entirely different mind space than where you began your journey.


Meanderings : Steampunk
Life is a ride, enjoy the journey



Meanderings : Summer bug
Summer is coming




Getting to a Midlands Day

Meanderings : Inhlosane peak
View from Inhlosane Peak


Meanderings : Decaf
Steampunk Cafe local


Watching the light change across vales and hills while prone in the grass next to a large body of water or from a peak where you can almost see until tomorrow will bring more than a smile to your heart.


Meanderings : Dargle valley views
Dargle valley views


Meanderings : Burn season contrast
Burn season contrast


At the End of the Day


Meanderings : Midlands Sunsets
Midlands Sunsets


Being able to drink in the meade of a Midlands sunset will thrill you with it’s heady hues and leave you in awe of the painting that was spread across the sky. Best served up with a glass of red wine 😉



Meanderings : At the end
At the end


There is plenty to do on the Midlands. NO Doubt. But sometimes the best memories you can conjure are those when you were able to just be and enjoy your surroundings with good friends. It is definitely one of my favourite things to do to fill up my inspiration tank and refuel.

I hope these pictures have given you a breath of fresh air and inspired you to get out and about wherever you are.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton

Until then…..see you on the Road!

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