There have been whisperings of gatherings in the hills. It seems that there is a place where music, camaraderie and friendships are growing. It may be only rumour… but unless you try find it, you will never know.


MiTH (pronounced myth)

  • Music in The Hills
  • A place of MiTH ological happening
  • A MiTH tery
  • Where happiness is produced by musical instruments
  • Where friends gather to celebrate artistic endeavour in its acoustic form


So pick a definition. I could go on for some time (its one of my #happyplace experiences). In the surrounds of the hills in Hilton, I first attended when a musical friend of mine was performing and invited me to come listen. I had heard of this place and had no clue where it was, or for that matter what it was. I just knew my friend was performing, I enjoy music, she rocks, and I wanted to listen.


On arrival at The Barn, which is alongside The Knoll, I was pleasantly surprised to find a place that was comfy, cosy and the folks were pretty friendly. I even recognised some faces from around and about Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands area. With nice toasty fires going, food for sale and gluwhein, it seems the perfect recipe for warming up a chilly evening. But, I hadn’t even gotten to the best parts yet.


So, the performances began…


If you have ever attended those super secret, intimate performances delivered by the stars… you will understand what this is like. Minus all the snobbery. And pretentiousness. And exorbitant ticket prices. Great performances by real artists in a cosy setting.   Aw come on. You can’t tell me you aren’t already reaching for your car keys? But hold your horses. This happens once a week. Yes, you heard me right, in little old PM of Bee. Or even better, Hilton. I know right! And if you are only latching on to the whisperings now… you are most likely going to have to wait for 2016.   There are two performances left for the year, the 2nd December and the Christmas performance on the 9th December. MiTH reopens 20 January 2016 where I am almost certain all the regulars will be lining up for their seats with big smiles and their picnic baskets with assorted munchies and beverages (adult beverages you have to bring yourself).

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You have an array of talent each week with the likes of new solo artists and bands to folks that are more settled in the music scene right up to some muso’s who are returning to enjoy the hospitality of the locals after they have come back from tour. All great to listen to. You get to experience talent that you have only heard about (those whisperings) or maybe not even heard about. I certainly have had my cd collection expanded and am loving it. And guess what, the artists have even been kind enough to sign the goods. Try that with Pharrell J (no issues with the man, he is talented too. But I am #justsaying.) South Africa has some remarkable talent and people.


Another thing about MiTH (on par with the superb music). You are likely to encounter people you don’t know. But I have found… in the short time I have been fortunate to visit, that these people are kind of like the family you had chatted with on the phone but never actually met. You feel right at home when you do meet them. Almost like it is a continuance of a conversation and not just a first time encounter. Not to mention, I have actually reconnected with old school friends, family and previous work colleagues that I haven’t seen for years.


Thank you to the organisers that work to set this whole deal up every week and work to ensure that us folks get to hear top quality acts delivering music that is an absolute joy to experience. Thank you to the artists that travel from around the country to come and perform and do so with a smile on their face.


I am not eloquent. But I can tell you this. If you haven’t been out to MiTH…. You are most certainly, unequivocally missing out.

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If you want to keep in touch with what is happening and where to find more details you can take a gander at their facebook group MiTH (Music in The Hills).


There have been whisperings of gatherings in the hills. It seems that there is a place where music, camaraderie and friendships are growing. It may be only rumour… but unless you try find it, you will never know.


This message will self destruct in……



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