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I have a fascination with music. I honestly can’t remember a stage in my life where music has not been a big part of my general everyday existence. Whether it be rock, pop, edm, trance, reggae or indie; music seems to be something that can either motivate and drive me or calm the raging storm inside. If I get a chance to attend a music event, I will try and live every moment of it.

There is also nothing quite like a song to transport you back to a memory of some time, person, place or experience hidden in the recesses of your minds filing system.  It is so powerful that you feel as if you have been transplanted back into the past by some time machine (who said time travel didn’t exist, right?).


DJ Needle @ Work


I have dabbled in playing guitar, wished I had an amazing voice, played around with dj tools, but honestly, I am no muso.  I enjoy surrounding myself with these wonderfully talented and creative people because it stirs the creative fire within me. Even if I may translate this into something entirely differently artistic.


What is art anyway aside from the expression of our persona’s translation of life in a creative and unique manner


(please don’t quote me in some exam – I take no responsibility for the expression of the lecturers marking of the comment).

I was extremely pleased to have an adventure with a funky friend of mine, Nosihe, while sitting in on a recording of a song she has written for imminent release.  (Yes, these amazingly kewl things do happen in Pietermaritzburg and surrounds). Her soon to be released track is being produced by a new acquaintance, Needle.


Nosihe & DJ Needle


Can you even imagine my excitement of being able to sit in on a live recording of a track and thusly being witness to the making of a piece of musical history?  Think of a child with a sweet tooth being told they can only have sweets on the weekend at the end of the first week about to get a chocolate. Can you picture it?  Thats me…. sticky face and hands and grinning like only a sugar infused child does before reigning down terror.

I am the curious type though, so I wanted to know more about how this process happens and what drew DJ Needle to it in the first place.  So, over to Needle it is….


Favourite food‎ : Beef Curry And Rice anyday lol
Favourite artist :  Osunlade Aka YorubaSou
Favourite song : Hmm well I don’t really have a favourite. But If I had to listen to one song before I die lol it would be “Louie Vega Ft Blaze – Brand New Day”

Why music, what got you started in sound engineering? : You know when you’re young and you learn how to do something, you do it all the time cause it excites you. So my deep love for music started at a young age luckily enough.
So with sound engineering I had no clue what it was about until I studied it,I delved into sound with the idea of I’ll be able to live my music on a day to day basis; and that’s what happened. I then learnt more about sonics, how to make your music sound super clean and ear friendly for people..and not have to pay people to engineer my music. Lol.
How do you define your sound?‎ : My sound is world music.
Who or what influenced your style? : I was fortunate enough to be born in South Africa because there is something authentic about how we do things.  So my own style is still influenced by my own people today. It won’t take you a lot of time to identify South African song authenticity.
What is your favourite type of music to produce and why? : House music, it’s not arrogant, it’s just pure peace.
What inspires you? :  The concept of God creating us different on purpose, so we can all have our own unique role in life to play so we can help one another.
What collaboration would you most like to do?‎ : I’d love to work with sis Zonke, she is beyond Amazing.
If you were to give advice to a younger self, what would it be? : Don’t make any plans,just have a dream. Believe in it and stick to it cause plans always change.
If someone is interested in sound engineering, what should they do to get started? : Finish Matric of course and apply at any good school from your perspective.
What CD is currently in your player? : ASAP Rocky – At Long Last Asap.
Who is your Favourite superhero? :  The Hulk..his character proves that love calms us down, ultimate sanity.


So on that musical note, I wish DJ Needle well in his up and coming events. To get in contact, you can tweet him on @needle_a or you can mail him on
Until then…see you on the road!

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