If you know me, you know I love a good cup of coffee and hence me ending up creating my own coffee route. My favourites being a Flat White or a Cappuccino. For this reason, and because I live in a really fast-growing coffee area, people regularly ask me about where they can find a good cup of coffee.

On a bit of prompting and thinking, I decided to put a few names down in a coffee route Infographic so people can find their way with ease. All of the places are on Facebook, and most are on Instagram, which means you can click on their maps on Facebook and let Google guide you via maps to their doorstep.

Coffee Route Infographic

Coffee Route South Meander

I hope that helps coffee lovers find their way around the Southside of the Midlands Meander. If you want to read about the individual places, I have some blog posts about them too.

If you have some coffee shops on the Southside of the Midlands that are your favourite, go ahead and comment on the blog and I can include them on this Infographic. I am all for the people visiting the area finding a really great coffee experience and their very own style of a caffeine fix.

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