I am one of the fortunate folks that lives in a scenic region. Rolling green hills, forests, sugar can fields and mostly reasonable climate.  I am also blessed with an opportunity to take the road less travelled on a regular basis. It just so happens that this road is a rather scenic one at that. Being Route 103.  I get to perambulate frequently where the N3 splits the country and city.  And isnt it oh so pretty!


Scenic Routes

All travellers enjoy gorgeous scenery. Its part of the package of experiencing new places and we yearn to return when we think back on those beautiful routes that we have traversed.  Some of the top scenic routes acknowledged worldwide are:


White rim trail – Utah, USA

Ruta 40 – Argentina

San Juan Skyway – Colorado, USA

Conor Pass – Ireland

Great Ocean Road – Australia

Touge Roads of Mount Fuji – Japan

Stelvio Pass – Italy

Col de Turini – France

Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

Sani Pass – South Africa


So what? So what indeed! If you are going to find me on a scenic route – it is most often going to be Route 103. The road that transported folks years ago to JoBurg before the N3 split the countryside.

As I happened to amble along Route 103 on a particularly crisp morning I happened upon The Coffeesmiths up in Nottingham Road (did someone say coffee??). Yes indeed. I have heard whispers of this little corner of my home range and wondered at their offering and why it seems there is a hub bub when you hear their name mentioned.


Meanderings : Coffee Smiths


Located at the Meander Square (opposite the entrance to Gowrie Village) in Nottingham Road it is easily accessible from the freeway which is about 5 minutes away. When I popped in they were serving a delicious Rwandan coffee that smelt heavenly and tasted just about as good.


Meanderings : The Coffeesmiths


I can definitely see the locals congregating here to catch up on some vibey tunes while they sip their coffee, check their mail and catch up on the days news.  There is plenty of seating room and even a comfy sofa tucked away in the corner in case you want to be alone with your book and cuppa.


Meanderings : The Coffeesmiths


Meanderings : The Coffeesmiths


Meanderings : The Coffeesmiths


I remember when I first learnt of their opening, it was via a barista friend (I love the way the people in the Midlands promote each other) and told me they were doing some good coffee stuff.  A little while down the line they are already roasting their own beans. So yes, you can get a packet of freshly roasted beans here too!


I like their slogan too … Forging great coffee. Well they certainly are forging ahead in this part of the world. Great coffee and a good, cosy vibe. I could spend some time here for sure.  Check out their facebook page for updates on happenings at the shop and surrounds (The Coffeesmiths).


Until the…..see you on the road

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