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The Mouse House

When you get invited by a prestigious Spa and Lodge to come and visit there is nothing mousy about it.  When it includes Spa treatments, gorgeous meals paired with wines from award winning Louisvale Stellenbosch, there is really only one way to respond –


What time do you need me there?

Without sounding dramatic, my first invitation was to the Spa for Granny Mouse’s Ten year celebration. I almost wept in joy. I had had a rough couple of weeks and it was like this was a heaven sent gift. You know how everything inside you says ‘show some restraint, wait a while before you respond’.  Pfffft! Not even five minutes later my response was skipping along happily to book my space. Now the only dilemma I had was…. how to find a fast forward button to the day.

Granny Mouse Spa

It turns out the weather wasn’t great on the day, but it is always perfect for spending some time in the spa and being pampered!

It is not often a girl gets spoilt and treated like an absolute Princess.

And may I go on the record to say that I have never felt anything but pampered and spoilt in my experiences at Granny Mouse Country House and Spa. I one day hope to be put onto that exclusive ‘family’ list. It’s a (not so well kept secret) that family’s plan repeat holiday trips here after visiting and the guests know everyone by name.  It’s like coming home – if your home is the lap of luxury with outstanding attention to detail and service with a smile.

Spa Treatments

I am inaugurated in typical GM style with a foot wash in lovely warm water following which I float to a treatment room in my plush slippers to my first spoil. The room is softly lit with candlelight and smells heavenly.  With the music playing quietly in the background, the therapist introduces herself and tells me about the facial I am receiving. The products used are C Spa and Thalgo. They originate in France and are the exclusive products used at the Spa. Needless to say it feels fantastic. (You know when you genuinely get the one thing you have been craving for ages?) My skin feels soft and hydrated and generally rather pleased with itself.

Granny Mouse Spa


After a few sighs I shrug into my luxury gown (tempted as I was to stash it in my handbag – it just wasn’t big enough ;-)) and drift on my cloud 9 to the next treatment room. Off for an Indian Head massage.

Once again the Therapist ensures I am comfortable and I whisper ‘yes’. (What is it about still places that makes you whisper anyway?) If you know me you know I take my hairstyles fairly seriously. Well, needless to say this wasn’t given a second thought while her fingers massaged my scalp and restyled my already somewhat erratic hair. I am uncertain as to who the first person was who came up with the idea but I am fairly certain this Spa has perfected it!

There is nothing better than when something more than meets your expectation right? So what happens when it exceeds that expectation?

It is ridiculously satisfying.

As was the Indian head massage…..

Phew, sorry. I got lost for a while.

To top off this decadent experience I have an interval to have lovely healthy, tasty treats while I natter excitedly and get to know the other ladies. Amongst the industries represented are health, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. So there is a lot to relay and chat about!!


All sweetened and snacked up to my hearts content I walk off to the last treatment room. I am beginning to dream that the fast forward button from my earlier wishes would now become a pause button instead.

The staff are friendly and the Spa lovely. It is this, and the treatments of course; that makes this one of those moments I want to snapshot in life’s memory book.

The final treatment is the Hand and foot massage. You have to understand something though… by this point I am so relaxed already that all you can do is actually just indulge in the luxury of the experience.  I am no longer thinking about how long the treatment is (oh my goodness, for all that is decent – don’t let it end), or what I still need to achieve during the course of the day, or what work is outstanding… none of that.

I am quiet.

Rare for me, given. But it is the effect that this experience allows you. Blissful peace.

Thank you to all the ladies at Granny Mouse Spa run by the Camelot Group. It was such a pleasure visiting you and networking with the other ladies. Thank you Kyro Brower for organizing the event and the images provided. I hope it is not the last time 😉   Hint hint. #just saying

GM Contact details

You can contact Granny Mouse Country House and Spa on:

+27 (0)33 234 4071 or


OR find them on Facebook


For more information on the lovely products the Spa uses, you can visit these websites:



I wish you all the most amazing experience. Don’t forget to go and take your #GMSelfie at the frame and post it to be part of the online story.


Until then…see you on the road

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