Nothing Mousy about it! – Part Two

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As mentioned in Part One… Nothing Mousy about It, I was the ever so fortunate recipient of an invite from the wonderful Granny Mouse for a Spa treatment celebration of their Tenth Birthday and a 5 course degustation dinner with wine pairing from the lovely Louisvale Wine and as well as a stay in a Deluxe suite.

My personal campaign of visiting local Lodges, Spa’s, Restaurants and spaces to share about them; while creating a little more knowledge on the treasures KwaZulu-Natal has, has taken a bit of a knock of late with a burglary clearing out most of my tech. But now that I am more or less back on my horse so to speak I can tell you about some of the fun things I have had the chance to experience.

I have visited at the Mouse House on a couple of fortunate occasions,  but only for tea or coffee with friends, never to actually stay over. Trying to get through the lovely sunny day in an office while I have Granny Mouse in my head is not an easy task, but eventually the day comes to an end and I am heading up the windy road through green fields and forests and down the tree lined avenue to a lovely evening with all the folks at Granny Mouse Country House.


Meanderings: Granny Mouse Counry House

After taking a few photos of the pretty scenery I head to the reception desk to a champagne welcome and a tour through the five seperate ambient lounges ensuring you have that all important privacy; as well as the various dining rooms. We then head down a staircase to the cellar where the walls are lined with bottles of wine and whisky. You can be sure I am going to visit for a whisky tasting evening with some friends at some point.


Meanderings : Granny Mouse cellar

I cruise through the beautiful gardens along the garden path passing 8 garden rooms and 12 deluxe rooms and end up at the 12 deluxe suites.  The flowers smell gorgeous and the manicured lawns are a radiant green as I walk out onto the balcony of the suite.


Meanderings : Granny Mouse gardens


The room is a little slice of peace and tranquility. What I would give to spend the day reading a book and gazing at the beautiful scenery as the river trickles through the bottom of the valley below the suites. This is what Granny House means ”it’s like coming home”. A very lovely and luxuriously comfortable home at that. But I have no time to seriously indulge myself, I must head off to the exciting evening ahead and go make new friends and catch up with others over sumptuous delicacies and wine (did someone say Princess 🙂 ).


I step into one of the lounges opening up onto the deck overlooking the pool and the valley below as the hosts are introducing themselves and encouraging us to Tweet about the evening with #GMselfie and #GMfood hashtags. We really took it in hand in our eagerness to share the vening and found that we managed to get the hashtags trending for some hours after the event had actually finished. Such was the quality of the evening.


Meanderings : GM table

One of the fun additions to the evening was the Instabooth where you could tag the picture you shared online and it would be printed for you. In addition to this, I dedicated myself to taking a picture after each of the 5 courses with friends because, well, it was was a hang of a lot of fun. Then promptly hauled some of the GM staff as as well. This was cause for much laughter and merriment for the folks in attendance and a great idea all round.



Meanderings : Instabooth

Meanderings : GM staff instaboothBut wonders never cease. The combination of the wonderful meal and the wine pairing therewith were about to take me on an entirely different journey. I honestly feel like I was placed in another country altogether. I have had some fine food in my life but nothing quite like this. Each course had my taste buds reveling in the combination of flavours and textures presented.  For those that haven’t had the pleasure of watching any Masterchef episodes, a degustation meal is defined as


a culinary term meaning a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company. Dégustation is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef’s signature dishes in one sitting.

Thank goodness for that. The guests were able to go on a food journey that had the same effect as an action movie combined with a bit of comedy, tears and then a touch of romance added by the wine.  Being of course perfectly paired at each course with palette cleansers between.  The wines with a tiny bit of dry to juxtapose the savoury and sweet and a little sweet and juicy at other times left my tastebuds dancing in celebration.













After going on this journey, I was happy, satisfied and fit to drift off to dreamland. As I headed back to my suite through the gardens, I wondered at how many people know there is such a wonderful experience right on their doorstep. Where the staff are only to happy to treat you like a Princess and really do their utmost to keep you happy (I asked for an iron and ironing board….it doesn’t get more mundane than that…and was happily obliged).

I snuggled into bed and smiled as I drifted off to dreamland in my new fantasy kingdom.


I could go on waxing lyrical about the wonders of waking up the next morning, but …


Meanderings : Granny Mouse vista

Meanderings : GM vista


Meanderings : GM bathroom

Meanderings : GM Suite


…what you really need to do is investigate what I have said. Go and look at the Granny Mouse website (click here) or visit their Facebook page (click here) and see what I mean. Then do yourself a favour and get there. Really. It is an experience you want to have in your memory bank.


You can also find out more about the very lovely Louisvale Wines on their website at Well folks, I am off to find the next adventure.


So until then, see you on the road …

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