Taking a trip to Mexico requires some thoughtful planning and smart packing to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Before you begin thinking of the wonderful houses for rent in Mexico that you are staying in, you need to think of packing and getting it right.

I am a big fan of packing light and Mexico is a great place to be mobile and ready for adventure, so having less is an ideal way to enjoy this beautiful country. In Mexico, you really don’t need much, so here are some of my best packing tips that are great for Mexico, but could help you in a number of other countries too. Hopefully, it will help you to decide what should go in your bag and what you should leave behind.


Don’t get sucked into thinking that you are going to need a lot of clothes, especially because the Mexican climate is rather warm. You will most likely be leaving the pants, jumpers and other warm clothes at home. In the hot weather, your clothes will also be drying fast, so you can definitely get away with having less.

I always like to bring a little less and pick a few things up along the way if I need them. This is also the perfect excuse to enjoy some of the beautiful souvenirs on offer in Mexico. One of my favourite things I picked up was a colourful skull that is very common for the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Had I packed too much, I wouldn’t have this lovely reminder of my trip sitting in my living room.

Day of the dead souvenirs Source: Pixabay

As for shoes, it is always great to have some sandals or flip flops for the hot weather. You will be doing a lot of walking in Mexico too, so don’t forget to bring some comfortable rubber-soled shoes. This is ideal when navigating the jagged rocks at Tulum or heading into the jungle to explore. Hiking boots are ideal for this purpose, but some regular running shoes with good grip will also be a great choice.

Last but not least you will need sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the hot sun because there really is nothing worse than a sunburn on holiday.

Choosing your bag

As with any destination, your ideal bag is going to be the one that suits how you travel. Naturally, a suitcase is going to be the wrong choice for a backpacker and vice versa. If you plan to do some hiking, a good daypack is always a good idea and you should also think a little bit about where you are staying. Will you be moving around a lot? If so, you may want to consider something that is easier to carry than a suitcase, as this can get more and more painful to carry from place to place. If you are taking a car from destination to destination this may not be a problem, but for those walking a lot, this could be a nightmare. 

A duffle bag and a small backpack are perfect if you just want to tour the cities and beaches. Make use of the hotel’s safe to secure important travel documents. However, if you are in a rented house and there is no safe, just find a safe compartment in your bag for them.

If you are going around the country, visiting sites untouched by droves of tourists like old ruins and jungles and then camping there, then a trekking backpack is much more practical. This means you will not have to worry about your stuff too much because they are all in one bag.

My tip is definitely a small daypack for your day trips and a duffle bag or something easy to carry to store where you are staying. This makes things nice, neat and easy.

Toiletries and other personal items

Mexico is packed with some of the best beaches that you can possibly imagine, especially on the Yucatan Peninsula, so something to swim in is ideal. You could also bring a good book or a ball to play with on the beach. A nice beach towel will also make things much more pleasant if you plan on spending countless hours on the amazing white sand beaches. Sunscreen and bug spray are a must too and are best purchased at home because they are likely to be cheaper than in Mexico. This is because most tourist areas will charge a lot of money to unprepared tourists, so save yourself a little bit of money and enjoy some street tacos instead!

Tulum, a great place to swim and enjoy the history of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula Source: Pixabay

It goes without saying that if you are on prescription medication, make sure that you have them in an accessible pack. Other medication to bring in case of emergency includes aspirin, diarrhoea tablets (these can be extremely helpful), or motion sickness tablets. Bring a small first-aid kit with band-aids, a gauze, and maybe a small bottle of betadine if you can.

As always, a copy of your passport and some backup payment methods are also a must for Mexico and any other travel destination.

Gadgets and other entertainment materials

There is always the temptation to bring your laptop, but the reality is that you probably won’t need it because you will be so busy with the endless things to do in Mexico. Your smartphone should be enough to cover all your needs here, such as camera, internet, etc. Don’t forget to download an offline map of the cities you are visiting on Google Maps too, which can be extremely useful.

Why would you be on your laptop when you could be here? Source: Pixabay

So while you are planning to traverse the trail in Lacandón jungle or shop your heart out in Mexico City, make sure you have the essentials packed for a hassle-free trip.

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