I am no foodie, but I really do enjoy my food. I think it is mostly because I grew up on a farm where you picked most of your produce fresh and hauled the loot to the kitchen to cook it up.Β  So I really enjoy the variety of freshly sourced ingredients the restaurants have available on the Midlands.

The Chef’s around here really know their stuff.

So trying out different types of food is a favourite pastime of mine. I am not vegan, but I have friends who are and thought that it would be interesting (and handy) to find out where you can find different options for vegan food locally. It is quite a specific diet that isn’t always catered for, but we actually do have some really yummy options here. So lets take a look at what I found in the line of ……

Vegan food

Eat at Andrews

There are a couple of options here that you have. You have the chance to build a breakfast plate or a breakfast wrap with the choice of your own food.

You can take part in lightening a burgeoning Harvest table filled with fresh locally sourced ingredients, where half the items are vegan, and all the items vegetarian. Food here is made with serious attention to detail. It looks so good that you just really want to dig in.

You can dine on the porch under cover or outside in the courtyard.Β  It is such a lovely experience to sit in the courtyard with trees and birds chirping happily and the occasional goat bleat from the field beyond and I would highly recommend it.

You can find more information and keep up to date what is happening at Eat at Andrew on FacebookΒ or on Instagram.

The Snooty Fox

The Snooty Fox is located within the Fern Hill hotel nestled in the trees opposite Midmar Dam. The executive chef is none other than Alex Poltera who prides himself on using locally sourced ingredients and placing emphasis on the fundamental elements of his dishes.

Take a look at two of the options on their vegan menu below.

A beetroot and lentil patty topped with caramalised onions, roast tomatoes, mushrooms, avo (seasonal), garlic ‘martinnaise’ with a side of sweet potato fries.

The Brinjal Gyro is a herb flatbread filled with marinated grilled brinjal, carrot, tzatziki, pickled red cabbage, tomato jam, chickpea tofu and beetroot relish.

Alex Poltera has definitely created a delectable spread of vegan food that would have most coming back time after time. Before you tantalise your tastebuds and take a look at the rest of the menu, make sure you have car keys in hand, because you are going to want to head out there.

You can find more delish pictures on their Instagram account. A word of advice, don’t do it while you’re hungry πŸ™‚

Woodstone Cafe

Woodstone Craft Cafe is a firm favourite with the locals on the Midlands. The food they make is both beautiful and delicious. My Instagram account knows this only too well. On the 1 October, Woodstone is releasing their Summer Vegan menu, so I thought I would give you a preview on the options available.

Panfried Cauliflower rice, Cinnamon roasted root vegetables, generous slices of Avo, toasted Ciabatta and House Hummus spread.

This beauty is enough to make anyone want to go and get this breakfast.

Toasted Ciabatta topped with Hummus, Pan fried smoked Tofu, Oyster mushrooms, Avo slices with Sunflower seeds and Micro greens.

Woodstone Cafe : Toast Royale

Pizza base topped with house Napoli Tomato, Hummus, Seasonal Roasted vegetables, smoked Tofu, micro herbs and a Basil Pesto swirl.Β Can you come up with a name for this pizza? It still needs a name πŸ™‚

Woodstone Cafe : Vegan Pizza

You can keep up to date with upcoming events and developments by following Woodstone Cafe on FacebookΒ or Instagram.

All in all, I think the thing I am most surprised about is that it all looks and tastes so amazing. Vegan food is not boring (as I had once perceived). It packs a massive flavour punch, while giving you the opportunity to put a combination of top ingredients and great nutrition into your body. Perhaps when you are next on the Midlands Meander you could give one of these meals a go? Who knows, you may actually love it.

Some other restaurants for some vegan food are Cafe Bloom in Nottingham Road and Artichoke at The Windmills Kitchen alongside the freeway at exit 132 on the N3.

So don’t go hungry while adventuring on the Midlands Meander, go vegan instead and fill up on some nutrition with some of these delicious meals.

Until then….see you on the Road!

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