Blueberry Cafe

Blueberry Cafe inspiration

Blueberry Cafe   is certainly a welcome visit at any time I do go there. Always inventing, always great coffee and most certainly always a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I took my folks with me for a visit and was delighted to be greeted by an entrance full of greenery and a hanging garden. It Continue Reading

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Meanderings : Dargle Delight

Paradise fly catcher

  I wake to a particularly beautiful morning in anticipation of a day of fly fishing. But I have been deceived by blue skies and sunshine before. Generally, in these parts it can mean anything from frigid temperatures to ‘did you see that camel’ type of weather. So I didn’t choose to go fishing before Continue Reading

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Meanderings : Needle

Musically Inspired

Musically inspired I have a fascination with music. I honestly can’t remember a stage in my life where music has not been a big part of my general everyday existence. Whether it be rock, pop, edm, trance, reggae or indie; music seems to be something that can either motivate and drive me or calm the Continue Reading

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