The Rise of Umhlanga Arch


Umhlanga is in the throes of development. Well, actually its been developing at a rate of knotts for a while now. Every time I come back to this coastal gem there are new roads, bridges and buildings popping up like mushrooms.

I arrive at Old Town Italy for the first time with the knowledge that this trip will include one of these exciting new developments. Looking around, I absolutely love the setup at Old Town Italy. The decor in the restaurant with exposed copper piping, wood, big clocks, white styled tiling and a bustling atmosphere. The one side of the building features the restaurant and the other side the market with food and beverages for those wanting to take home quality ingredients or just grab a sandwich in a rush.


Old Town Italy Coffee


Old Town Italy gathering


Umhlanga Arch development team along with the Rembrothers group announced the concept for KZN’s firstĀ ever European-inspired high street development.

It is really interesting to hear the various introductions and the motivation behind the development to continue to build Durban as a world class city and to create a legacy.


Umhlanga Arch


While being treated to croissants, sweets and delicious cuppaccinos I learn more about the facts behind this new mixed use development that is coming out of the ground. The development will include on one site 5000 m2 Retail, 5000m2 of Dealership, 15,400 m2 of Residential, 10,000 m2 of Hotel and 7,200 m2 of Offices

Located on the slopes of Umhlanga’s Ridgeside where there are sea views for days, this development is anticipated to boost tourism as well as stimulate business and investment into the city while bringing significant job creation.

Umhlanga Arch is already almost 40% complete and has some exciting features. This mixed use property will embrace the motto ‘Live.Work.Play’. It includes hi-tech residential apartments, retail space, offices, a Hilton Garden Inn hotel, office space, quality restaurants, a gym and an elevated park space where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the outdoors and the views.

It incorporates the idea that a business person could fly in to Durban, stay in the hotel, get up and have a gym session, have breakfast, go to the meeting and fly out again. I find this an exciting concept.

Being able to visit a place that has the outdoors literally transplanted onto the fourth floor is really unique. The restaurants will all be great quality and compliment one another, which offers a distinctive dining experience. Along with the restaurants, you can take a ride up to the sky and enjoy a Sky Bar which will tower above the skyline providing uninterrupted and unparalleled views. What a way to have a sundowner!


Umhlanga Arch Brewery


The 16 storey Hilton Garden Inn is a first in South Africa. Hilton has focused on bringing a comfortable space where work has been incorporated as part of the mix for with this brand of hotel. This fits in perfectly with the bustling area.

The retail area includes a new dealership space for SMG which will include their distinctive quality and style. It promises to be a well designed flowing space while also incorporating all the functions that SMG is known for.



Umhlanga Arch skyline


All in all, I look forward to watching this development grow. It will certainly provide some interesting things to do for those looking for a new attraction. Umhlanga Arch will be changing the skyline of the city and certainly bringing a European touch to the way people live, work and play.

If you want to find out more information on this Project, you can visit their website.


Until then….See you on the Road!

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