Things you will not find at The Farmers Daughter

I am a bit of a coffee shop gypsy. Life is nothing without experiences, adventures and memories, right? For me at least, this usually includes sampling rather fine coffee (hopefully) and some tasty morsels along with great company in a non-cookie cutter setting. In this case, living in the KZN Midlands clearly puts you at a major disadvantage. So many places to discover in the valleys and hills and just not enough time to seemingly get around to all of them.

So how do you even begin to choose where to visit? I tell you what, if you have a surefire way, please let me know.


The Farmers Daughter


The Farmers Daughter is situated at Yard 41 in Howick. Jen Pretorius (the original Farmers Daughter) owns this delightful eatery.  So the story is told that the idea started when Jen was in the catering game and she was badgered by clients and friends for a restaurant type setting.  This constant badgering became a labour of love that is entirely lovely to visit. Situated in Howick with an incredible vista down the valley; you will notice there are very few spots open when you pull into the parking lot. If you are wise, call and book ahead on the weekend, however maybe during the week, you can perhaps risk arriving without a booking. But be warned, you can never be sure.

After visiting a few times I can tell you what you are not going to find at The Farmers Daughter.

– Boring décor

Yup you heard it here. The décor is whimsical, no cookie cutter deal here.

– Bad coffee

If you have read my first post, you know I have serious coffee love. The coffee here is a creamy delight. I have found Barista’s from the Midlands enjoying a quiet moment with a cuppa here. That says it all right? The setting is retro chic and trust me when I say you don’t want to leave.  You can buy brownies, lemon meringue and other tongue tantalizing munchies to top you up.

– Toasted Sandwiches

If you are looking for franchise food, unfortunately you have stopped at the wrong haven.  This is artisan stuff and proud of it.  No toasted sandwiches or grilled tomatoes 🙂

–  Boring People

Well, you know hand how ‘they’ say country folks are friendly? If that is true, then country has a home here. Big smiles, easy laughter and chatty people abound at Farmers Daughter. Easy going and ever so likeable. Trust me, this is one place you can visit with a laptop or a book and it is A Okay. They understand.

– Cardboard Dessert

Think Alice in Wonderland. Yes, I am serious. If you can fantasize about dessert, then this is the place to do it. Decadent delights await your consumption (including the aforementioned lemon meringue and brownies). And you won’t have to worry about losing your head to the Queen of Hearts.  (Just maybe at the gym after :)) My recommendation though is to try the carrot cake. It never disappoints.

– Tasteless food

The food is sourced locally and it’s often fresh off the farm (Jen has connections :)).  It seems supporting the local economy is a trend here.  Breakfast is amazing if done right; average if just done and can just mess up your day if done poorly. I can only speak of breakfast, but I am fairly certain the rest of the food lovingly made at this eatery would follow suit. Breakfast was like a symphony for the tastebuds. If you are a breakfast fan, you have to try it out. However, if prearranged, you can have events catered for.  The ladies featured in the picture would definitely recommend this………… Just saying.

– Restless children

There is plenty of space for the kiddies to play on the grass and a very innovative jungle gym for them to play on. You can sit on the porch and enjoy your treat while the little ones expending loads of energy.


The Farmers Daughter


Now if you put the above points together, you have a pretty convincing case for not visiting The Farmers Daughter if you like boring decor, bad coffee, unfriendly people, cardboard dessert, tasteless food and arguing with your children. However, if you like me, enjoy something a little different that adds to the adventure of life; perhaps something a little whimsical, fantastical, and friendly that could possibly turn an average visit into a magical experience, then you have to visit this little place I know, down this road….

Just be warned, once you go down the rabbit hole – you may not want to come out.


If you want to make a booking, you can call on 033 330 2958.


Until then…see you on the road!


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