My three favourite Hilton Choc-Coffee Treats

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The seasons are changing, but my sweet tooth is on form as always. I still enjoy the coffee chocolate hit that keeps me having to get to the gym regularly.  So my theory is everyone has a favourite place (or in my case three favourite Choc-Coffee treat places) in their local hood that they would recommend to their friends and family. Since I spend my 8 – 5 in Hilton; I love to have some quickly accessible fixes. So in no particular order (because they are pretty hard to rank), here we go…..

My Top Three

Artisan Pizzeria Hilton

Not your traditional coffee shop, but one of the best places to get super food and catch up with friends. Its pretty much always full in the evenings, so make sure you book if you plan to visit with a crew for dinner. Although the pasta’s sound mouth wateringly good, the pizza’s are my personal favourite. This pizzeria is not afraid to try new things and are now expanding into the coffee shop domain as well. Enter the sugar cone cappuccino. Oh my giddy aunt are you in for a treat! Imagine a sugar cone lined with chocolate and (in this case) Zimbabwean rich coffee. The perfect balance between sweet and acidity hits your palate like a flavour bath. The great thing about it is this cappuccino is not heavy and leaves you feeling satisfied while having a wonderful balanced dessert like experience.

Do yourself a favour, go try this treat.

You can find Artisan Pizzeria on facebook or Shop 11 at Hilton Village or call them on 033 343 1095. A high five for great atmosphere, unexpected tunes and free wi-fi while having a memorable experience.

Meanderings : Artisan

Meanderings : Artisan

The Upper Millstone


These are the new kids on the block, bringing super tasty artisan breads and pastries together with great coffee in a funky new setting. Either lounge on the couches while savouring the delicacies or sit at the lovely warm, wooden tables with a group of friends while sipping on your milkshake or cappuccino. I was looking for my sweet treat and sadly couldn’t get my hands on their already famous chocolate croissant, but managed to get a yummy looking chocolate eclair. I ordered my cappuccino and took both off to the table to sink my teeth into.  The espresso cream in the eclair was a tasty surprise in the puffy pastry and just as you have the soft silky cream run over your tongue you have the hit of rich chocolate.

The sip of espresso masterfully combined with texturised milk is the perfect counter to my sweet treat, bringing a wonderful balance.

If you take your cup and plate back to the counter you get to collect a nibble on the way out too.

You can find The Upper Millstone on facebook or swing by 36 Hilton Avenue or call them on 033 343 1344. The guitars on the wall, the funky tunes, free wi-fi and delectable treats topped with silky coffee gives this a big thumbs up.


Meanderings : The Upper Millstone


Meanderings : The Upper Millstone



Jaxx Restaurant

Always a lunch favourite with friends, but serving delicious food is a standard as well. I still remember how excited I was when Jaxx first opened at The Quarry shopping centre and still thoroughly enjoy dropping by with friends to catch up or having a quick business meeting. This visit was no different. I had heard about the biscuit cappuccino and made sure that I set up a lunch visit with a friend to see if it was worth the fuss.


Oooohhhhhh yeh!

A biscuit cup coated with a layer of coffee and smooth cappuccino were enough to have me smiling like a Cheshire cat. Hint, do not add sugar! You would think this is obvious with the chocolate layer right? But apparently not for some of us (the force was strong with this sweet tooth). I sipped excitedly on the black gold combined with silky foam combined with a rich chocolate swirl of the melting chocolate. Once the coffee is done, I enjoy using my fingers to dissemble the dessert left of chocolaty biscuit cup. A scrumptious treat for the cold misty Hilton weather. Make sure you don’t have lunch before you try this, you may not be able to finish it off 🙂

You can find Jaxx Restaurant on facebook or visit them at The Quarry centre at 57 Hilton Avenue or call them on 033 343 2226 for a great vibe with free wi-fi and friendly folks. Keeping you smiling at any time of the day.


Meanderings : Jaxx Restaurant


Meanderings : Jaxx Restaurant


So finding your sweet tooth fix in Hilton is a pretty easy deal. The best part is there are options in our little village. My closest and tastiest, but you may want to comment on your favourites too. Thank you to the amazing establishments for putting a smile on my dial every time.  Keep up the great hospitality.


So folks, go out and have fun. Until then…. See you on the road

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