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Indigo Fields


Let me begin by saying I believe I have found the cure to much of what ails my human soul. True story! Taking a day off, waking up to the most beautiful indigo blue skies and sunshine glinting off green kukui grass in rolling fields with wildflowers and gnarled old trees that have marked the passage of time. Taking roads that are somewhat less travelled and finding this kind of treasure equates to the same joy that a bottle of rum and a treasure chest would to a pirate. And this, may I say, is what gives my soul wings.

So imagine my enthusiasm when this is what I encounter on the way to my actual treasure to be discovered for the day. I have never been on this road, or visited this lovely destination. I have heard it told that this is the place to go if you want a different experience, to be pampered, to linger in luxury and to be treated so well that when you leave it is with a longing glance over your shoulder.

I am talking about Indigo Fields African Bush Spa located on the district road D2477 on the Midlands Meander. You turn onto the dirt road and amble along with views of lush green fields and forests and eventually turn onto a tree lined road that throws dappled light on your vehicle as you crawl along taking in the beauty that surrounds you.

I am soon to discover not only why this Spa is one of the World Luxury Spa Nominees for 2017, but also why this particluar experience is good for the body and mind.



 History and Scenery

You know how your parents always told you that history is important. Well that is true. I begin to realise this as I step into the fourth decade of my life. History gives depth to life and brings so much more meaning to places and experiences. This is very true at Indigo Fields with three generations living on the property and involved in the daily running of the Spa and Accommodation.

The story of how it started as a Bed and Breakfast is one of a couple chasing their dreams from one Province to another and having located this dream; settling down to make it work in the form of accommodation, an art gallery, a coffee shop and to the present day, the Spa, Cottages and Suites. So do your mind and soul a favour and make yourself some time to visit a place that is as steeped in history as a tapestry is in thread.



The Smell of this Place

The therapy starts right away. I think I would call this Smell Therapy. OK, okay. SO I took some of the scented stuff home. What is a girl going to do? I fell in love with the scents the moment I stepped into reception (even though I was highly distracted by the living wall with succulents and such). Fizzy bath balls, soaps, linen sprays and mists, scented wax and and and….. I had the distinct feeling that as per the phrase on the wall ‘May this be the start of something wonderful’ that like Alice, I was about to discover a Wonderland. Being enthusiastically greeted with smiles and a mimosa while ushered to sit on the deck (views for days #justsaying) and complete my spa therapy form is probably the best way to spend my second day of being 40!



Camraderie at Indigo Fields

There is a genuine feeling of camraderie at Indigo Fields, from the first person you encounter at reception through to the Owners, Jennifer and Paul Hindle. I wanted to find out a bit of the story behind how Indigo Fields became what it is today and Jennifer kindly took the time to sit and chat with myself and Gaynor. True to their style, it is all personal. There are personal touches everywhere here. In the homemade scents from the lavender growing in the fields, to the food you are served, the furniture that is hand picked, the truffles served after your therapy; it is the detail that holds everything together that is delivered with care.

Even the staff compliment here are like family and have grown together over the years. In fact, this is part of the reason why Indigo Fields does what very few hospitality destinations do, close shop on a Sunday and Monday. This helps everyone have the time to spend with those they care about and to obtain much needed rest that helps get that all important balance needed in life.


Food, glorious Food

Food makes me happy! Let’s be honest now, who can get about the serious business of relaxation without a satisfied tummy? See, not a hand up in the house.



We are guided through the passageways in our gowns and then along past ladies snacking under the shelter alongside a stony fish gazing longingly at the azure pool, through a vine covered pathway to the cellar. Oh my, it is so beautiful that I am enthralled. The poor gentleman taking our food order had to come back twice while I snapped away to try and capture and remember this beauty.

I decided on the Thai Chicken Skewers and Gaynor opted for the Chicken Trammezzini while we satiated our thirst with juice and champagne (if not, why not). This ceiling of the cellar has a somewhat Michaelangelo art feeling to it while toning in with the vine coverings and slate pathway in their earthy colours outdoors. The sunken wooden table has you sitting at below ground level enabling you to ogle the stained glass windows and view outside.

The food is delicious! We giggle, eat and savour the tasty flavours while I grow in excitement for the treatment that lies ahead.


Sensory Therapy


Indigo Fields


In my beautiful gown (which I could probably live in) I walk through the garden and climb onto the game truck that drives through the fields with with views down the valley that seem to go on forever. We alight and walk down the path to one of the Boma’s hidden within the long grass and trees. I honestly feel like a movie star. But one surrounded by the sounds of my own beloved country, including the wind whispering through the trees, birds and a bullfrog that was particularly chorale for a while.



I chose a hot stone full body massage and Gaynor opted for the facial, and head and neck massage. I have a fairly busy mind that is sometimes hard to turn off.  But as I lie down, it doesn’t take me long to feel immersed in the therapy. In the sounds around me, a gentle breeze and the touch of the therapist wielding the stones to ease out the tension in my limbs.  With the wind sighing, I focus on the little pebbles with words and shapes engraved on them on a speckled blue plate below me… love…. smileplay, heart shapes, a key shape, a kiss.  As my thoughts drift, the therapist begins to work out the knots in my body with strong, skilled hands and heated stones while my thoughts float on the breeze. The sound of the stones being worked together almost like water running down a stream bed on the rocks.

What seems like a few minutes later, my lovely therapist whispers that she is finished and I wonder how I am going to be able to drive myself home feeling this relaxed.


I sit in the loveliest of lounges with a huge fireplace and the coolest decor pieces that are all unique, but create the most relaxed country ambiance. Sipping my liqueur between the nibbles of truffle chocolate biscuit centred bliss (yes I asked for another) and then a superb filter coffee I contemplate the time I have spent repairing today.  This makes me realise what an astounding experience I have had.

I feel relaxed, happy and have great gratitude for this day.  From having walked through the lavender bushes and smelt it on my hands, to seeing rolling green hills, laughing with friends, eating good food and experiencing what I can only describe as sensory therapy; I feel revived and ready to take on life’s challenges.


Indigo Fields


So perhaps you feel like you want to have the benefit of this experience? You realise that your body could well use some repair time in line with the reasons above. Well, why don’t you take a gander at their website and see what they offer? You can book with the Day Spa or an overnight experience that you are sure never to forget.


Indigo Fields


Until then…See you on the Road!


This experience was in collaboration with Indigo Fields and the opinions expressed in this blog is entirely mine.


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