If Frodo could have used Black Friday to travel, it may not have been a Trilogy. I think he would have used it to buy a flight and accommodation close to Mount Doom and saved himself a lot of danger and trouble. Mad Max may have had less skin cancer concerns if he had hopped on a plane and just gotten to where he needed to without dealing with all the drama in between.

I realise sometimes your story may start where you least expect it. But maybe your epic travel story (the one you are telling stories about years later with your grandkids and reliving videos on your Virtual Reality screens) can start with how you managed to snag the best deal .

For those that wonder about the origin of this fairly new found South African trend, it stems from the USA, marking the day after Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season for Retailers. It was said to be the first time that Retailers would enter ‘the black’ in terms of finances.

Here is what I think. Travel is a great eye opener. You leave on a journey and see new things, but when you return, you see things where you are with new eyes. So if something is going to aid me in achieving this, I am keen to give it a go. Introducing a new purpose for Black Friday for me.

In South Africa we have such an abundance of amazing people, phenomenal places to see and things to do. This along with the hospitable nature of South Africans makes me a proud citizen. With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite things to do in KwaZulu-Natal. My home.


Meanderings : Inhlosane peak

We are lucky to have the Drakensberg range extend through KZN, but you needn’t climb its highest peaks to enjoy the tranquility and views. There are plenty of day hikes or hikes for a few hours from most of the SAN Parks resorts. Also, there are conservancies and parks where you can hike up peaks or see caves and waterfalls too. Some of the ones I have enjoyed have been at Highmoor , Dargle Conservancy and Karkloof 


Meanderings : Trout profile

There are various options for fishing in KwaZulu-Natal. Whether you like rock and surf fishing, regular bass or carp fishing or fly fishing; there are multiple options. For your ocean fishing permits information and mentions of some good spots, you can visit Fishing KZN website. For dam fishing in KZN, there are a variety of options. You can check out some fishing options at Msinsi Resorts website.

For my favourite kind of fishing… fly fishing, there are a number of options in the Midlands and beyond. This includes both rivers and still water. But be sure to check when the river season is open before you do some searching for a beat. For flies and guiding, check out my previous blog post – Paradise Fly Catcher, and for some still waters that will have you smiling, check out this list or Wildfly website for listings of available waters.

Oceanside fun

Meanderings : St Lucia Estuary Beach

To a large degree, when people think of KwaZulu-Natal, they think of the long stretches of beaches, Durban and the Golden Mile. They would not be wrong. Many people come for this reason exclusively. But KZN has a lot more than just Durban (sorry Durban, but it is true). Estuaries, parks, sand dunes, wild rocky bays…. the list goes on. This list also includes Blue Flag beaches.  Check out a list of great beaches to visit at the ECR website and for some awesome info and photos of St Lucia and surrounds (click) here.

Wildlife and Game Parks

Meanderings : Resting Lion

Natal has an abundance of parks with a variety of wildlife. From the Big Five to the Small Five, to Elephant Reserves and bountiful birdlife. Depending on what you like to do, you are most likely in for a treat.

If you want to find some options to look at, check our KZN Wildlife’s webpage or KZN Parks website where you can obtain free downloads and maps on where you can go.

Arts and Crafts

Meanderings : The Ruby Orchard

I am fortunate. I live on the Midlands Meander. So I have the arts and crafts scene alongside great restaurants and coffee shops at my fingertips.  I never tire of driving through the rolling hillls and pastoral fields.  There are so many options here to keep the entire family busy. From pottery painting, to candle dipping, archery, train rides, putt putt, chocolate shops, coffee roasteries and shops, restaurants and pubs, black smiths, clothing, crystals, painting, spa’s …….and the list keeps going on.  The best way to find your way around is to access either a copy of the Midlands Meander booklet available at most shops for a nominal fee or access their interactive map online at the Midlands Meander website.

Get into the Black

So now that you know how amazing KZN is (and I have only scratched the surface on activities and the fun you can have); why don’t you get your holiday plans in order? And what better way to do this than with a massive Black Friday Flight sale that will get you and your family into the Promised Land (aka KwaZulu-Natal) while smiling. Word to the wise though…don’t leave it until the last second.

Flights to get to KZN

Click on these links to access the flight specials:

Johannesburg to Durban

Cape Town to Durban

Check out their website for further specials.

I hope to see you all enjoying this special province the way I do. 

This post is written in collaboration with Travelstart.

Meanderings : Dargle Valley

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