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#TravelTuesday Guest Blog

I am often on the scout for new blogs to read on different topics. I find most bloggers refreshing in that they are not scared to share an opinion and this often brings a whole range of different ideas and impressions to their writing.

I also get asked where to find bloggers to follow, so I have decided to try and feature some in my Travel Tuesday series in the attempt to introduce people to different influences.

This weeks blogger team is: Daniel and Jordan from The Timeless Voyagers

1. Who are you and where are you from?

We are The Timeless Voyagers.

Daniel: I was born in Germany and immigrated to South Africa with my family when I was 11 years old.

Jordan: I was born and raised in Durban.

We met at Rhodes University and connected through our passion for nature. We now live in Port Elizabeth.


2. What made you want to start blogging and how long have you been doing it? 

Initially, we started our blog to keep family and friends updated with our travels and share our favourite adventures. As we became more immersed in the blogging world, especially in the South African blogging sphere, we wanted to showcase the so-often underrated Eastern Cape. Our blog is almost 1 year old (in July!).


3. What does your blog focus on?

Local and international travel. We love being outdoors, so we share our favourite hikes and weekend getaway spots. Supporting Local is important to us – we are trying to bring attention to the local events, crafts and restaurants (e.g. promoting the numerous markets in Port Elizabeth).

The Timeless Voyagers 

4. What tips can you give people to grow their blog audience?

When starting the blog, we thought that ‘travel’ was a good enough ‘niche’ to have. After all, we were a travel blog. What we have learned since is that our local travel posts do much better than our posts on international destinations. This is another reason why we want to showcase more of Port Elizabeth (i.e. the friendlies/windiest/best city in SA ;)) and the Eastern Cape. People are interested in reading about this part of the country. Our audience virtually chose us instead of us targeting them, something we are grateful for.

Don’t be afraid to make ‘mistakes’. As a young blog, we are continually learning and growing and figuring out the best ways to approach different things. Engage and connect with people on your social media platforms and become a part of the community.


5. Where can people find you? Website and Social media?

Website: The Timeless Voyagers

Twitter: timelesvoyagers

Instagram: thetimelessvoyagers

Facebook: The Timeless Voyagers

Pinterest: The Timeless Voyagers


6. What exciting project do you have in the pipeline for your blog?

Teepees and treetops. Also, some foodie posts – PE has such a great collection of restaurants.

7. What is the funniest experience you have had with your blog?

One of our funniest experiences was shared in our first blog post.

We hiked the Striptease Hike in Tsitsikamma last year. Admittedly, our nudist-confidence levels are low (as in almost non-existent), and we were not planning on stripteasing with random hikers about.

Surprisingly, we were the only hikers around even though it was a spectacularly sunny day. Instead of following the pool name instruction (this was at the Topless Pool), Dan suggested we skinny-dip already. So we did, and this was where Dan proposed. After some time, we got out of the pool and started redressing.

Dan says “hello” as if greeting someone and I look at him with the facial expression of ‘yeah nice try, but I’m not falling for that trick’. Much to my embarrassment fellow hikers appeared, greeted us and swiftly moved on (awkward!). They probably moved on quickly because they saw my surprise and immediate blush. While I was dying at the time, we laugh about it now.

The Timeless Voyagers

Thats it for this weeks Travel Tuesday feature. Stop in next week for the next #TravelTuesday feature or sign up for weekly updates here.

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